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West LA 05.15.2018

Veronica Kablan, Johnna Todesco

Brunchographers was born, not surprisingly, over brunch. One memorable Sunday, we sat on the patio of a restaurant in Venice Beach, enjoying the ocean breezes, while a stream of plates arrived at our table – each full of artfully arranged food, each more beautiful than the one before. Read more>>

Jaydi Samuels

I’ve been setting people up since college, for the last fifteen years or so. I had matched so many friends and acquaintances successfully that people would often come up and ask me, “Hey, who do you have for me?” I dreamed of starting a matchmaking company back then, but I was also heavily focused on pursuing my screenwriting career at the time. Read more>>\

Trista Tripp, Sydney Sherman

So, we are 2 girls who grew up in L.A. and with that comes many fashion and identity issues… Like most, we look for original pieces and clothing that we feel best represents us. It just started to feel impossible to be different without actually having turquoise hair or shaving our heads (Let’s be honest, that’s not even individual anymore…that’s everyone). Read more>>

Joelle Maynard

Hamabla was born out of a lifelong desire to do something creative that came naturally, at the right time. Growing up in a variety of seaside locales in the Tri State area of Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey, the beach was close, but not part of my everyday life. Read more>>

Sara Abbott

I began a real interest in art as a student. After taking color theory and non-silver photography I was hooked. During college I majored in photography with a minor in studio and began traveling across the world with my medium format Hasselblad. Read more>>

Justin Chen

I started photography purely as a personal outlet; being a full-time graphic designer at an interior architecture studio, while the work there is always challenging and exciting, it doesn’t necessarily fulfill me as a creative individual—since the end result is very much driven by client’s preference. Read more>>

Frances Flores

I was born in the tropical paradise of Puerto Rico. I feel lucky enough to have been born into a family that in one way or another have dedicated their lives to helping people in the community, and have inspired thousands to live a better life. Read more>>

Brooke Benson

I’m actually a 3rd generation LA local. My grandmother came to the States from Europe and made her living from embroidering beautiful dresses, covers and table clothes and moved to LA in the 1940’s. I think working with my hands and being a very tactile person was really embedded in my DNA so to speak. Read more>>

Leila Najafi

My background is in marketing for tech startups. After launching and managing the LA market for both Eventbrite and Lyft, I decided it was time to go off on my own so I started consulting for tech startups. I helped them with their digital marketing efforts, and content curation while also freelancing as a travel writer. Read more>>

Jasmine Bouzaglou

Six months into our relationship Jared and I decided we wanted to start a candle company. Both having a lot of creative energy to use we were quick to buy all the supplies and get going. We never anticipated just how tricky it would be to start a company and are still figuring out the quirks, but we both love where the business is headed and have high hopes for Jade and Juniper. Read more>>

Dr. Shamim Shakibai, Dr. Vinay Aggarwal

Dr. Aggarwal and I were both internal medicine residents at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. We had always talked about all the ways that the health care system was broken, how healthcare delivery was not serving the needs of patients, and how patients never seemed to be at the center of the medical decision making process. Read more>>

Ashraf Spahi

Everyone in my family had their own type of business ranging from gift shops, flower shops, real estate and landscaping. Being around that environment intrigued me at a young age. My allowance wasn’t much so I had to come up with ways to be able to buy things that I wanted. Read more>>

Kira Turnage

I’m originally from the East Coast. I moved to LA to pursue a career in the Entertainment industry. When SAG went on strike I couldn’t work, so I started back with my theatre roots, performing in a dance play that hinted on burlesque. Read more>>

Steve Crease

Scottish Born, moved to London, UK early 20`s and started a career in Logistics in a warehouse moving Dell Computer parts. Wanted to travel so started working at London Heathrow for a number or Airlines in their Cargo Divisions, initially All Nippon Airways then EVA Air then finally Virgin Atlantic. Read more>>

Joe Killinger

I moved to California in the 1980s, skipping the last couple years of college to seek work. When I first came to California, I needed to make money right away and had no real experience. My first job was with Stride-Rite shoes in Laguna Hills mall during the day, and working in telemarketing most nights. Read more>>

David Lapin

In South Africa as apartheid was ending and a new democracy was dawning, I became involved with Nelson Mandela’s government and business leaders in helping architect the new democracy.  was particularly involved in easing racial tensions and dealing with diversity, as well as establishing South African Business as a competitive force in the open global markets from which it was previously excluded. Read more>>

Michelle Danner

It was my father, Alexander Valdez, who opened the very first William Morris Agency in Paris, France in 1964, that instilled in me a strong passion and work ethic that has stayed with me throughout my life. I started acting when I was 5 years old. Read more>>

Judith Orloff

I am a psychiatrist and an empath. I combine conventional medicine with intuition, empathy, and spirituality. Transforming the face of psychiatry, Judith Orloff MD asserts that we are keepers of an innate intuitive intelligence so perceptive that it can tell us how to heal — and prevent — illness. Read more>>

Susan Holland

I got started in the retail business when I lived in New York City. My brother Greg and our friend Beth were opening their second retail store, The Down Quilt Shop. Greg asked me if I would work in the store for the Christmas Season, which I did. Read more>>

Christine Berardi

Christine Berardi left the corporate construction field of over 12 years before embarking on a mission to create gorgeous, unintimidating boutiques for women of all ages to shop and enjoy the hunt! Don’t be surprised to find her in her happiest of places in a dress, with a drill in hand building a new display or continually redesigning one of her boutiques. Read more>>

Marie-Elizabeth Mali

I grew up in New York City, in a family that mixed together three cultures, Venezuelan, Swedish, and American. I spoke three languages by the age of three. That constant translation and crossing cultures created a fascination around belonging and fitting in that informs my work today. Read more>>

Liz Beebe

I moved to LA in 2004 to pursue acting, theatre degree in hand and my two best friends by my side made me feel unstoppable! I worked in television production and advertising for 9 years while filming and performing nights and weekends. Long story short, I wore myself out. Read more>>

Ethan Campbell

As a Beverly Hills local, I began my art series with the idea of creating affordable pieces, while providing exceptional gallery quality. Growing up, I was surrounded by incredible art, design, and style. In Los Angeles, everything is constantly changing and evolving. Read more>>

Shaul Eini

I arrived to Los Angeles 5 years ago and was looking for something to resell. The phone bill was very expensive so I was looking for cheap service. I found that dealers are getting the phone packages for very cheap from the cellular providers in order to be able to attract clients so I bought sim cards as a dealer and started my own free website just to have something to advertise. Read more>>

Philipp Manser

About 20 Years ago, I was confronted with a choice … continue to hide and numb myself … or to meet myself, make a change and become participatory. An epiphany followed… while I was in the corridor of my trusted corner video store. Read more>>

Kristy Sakai

I was born to Japanese parents, spent my early childhood in sunny California, had a few testing years in Japan before surviving adolescence in England. I studied at the London School of Economics before making a move to Berlin, and after a decade of working as a copywriter and translator, I joined Supertext, a startup in Zurich. Read more>>

Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson graduated from Syracuse University in 1989 with a dual major in English and Advertising. He worked as a graphic designer for advertising agencies in San Francisco and later in Los Angeles until 1999, when he sold his first screenplay, Buying the Cow, which was produced and went direct-to-DVD in 2002. Read more>>

Ashley Schneider

My mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1980 before I was born. I grew up watching her live graciously with the disease while battling severe pain, muscle spacitity, and cognitive dysfunction. I also grew up a runner. Read more>>

Jared Waks

In September of 2016, I decided to quit my job and buy a one-way ticket to Ecuador, which turned into six amazing months of traveling South America: meeting people from all over the world, sharing in local cultures, and learning Spanish. Read more>>

Rae Drazin

I always loved science. I decided to be a scientist because I have an analytical mind and love the challenge of research. I pursued graduate work at UCLA, receiving a Ph.D. in microbiology. My post-doctoral research studies centered on breast cancer and antimicrobial white blood cells. Read more>>

Caitlin Sakdalan

My parents unknowingly primed me for a career in food and travel at a very young age. As a five-year-old I had an eclectic and adventurous palette, consuming anything from Spam with Garlic Rice and Eggs to Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi. Read more>>

Dafi Shanti

My story started at the doctor’s office when I had been seeking relief from years of just not feeling my best. The doctor had scanned my brain and was going over the images with me when he pointed out several areas that were related to stress and depression. Read more>>

Jay Co

It took a friend of mine a year to convince me to try yoga. I was too young to be having back issues. She said it would help. I didn’t want to stretch for an hour. She said I would be surprised. I fell in love with it instantly and I’ve been practicing ever since. Read more>>

Greg Laemmle

Laemmle Theatres was started in 1938 by my grandfather Max Laemmle and his brother Kurt. They were introduced to the movie business by their uncle, Carl Laemmle, who was the founder of Universal Studios. Read more>>

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