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West LA 04.10.2018

Xio Arleen

Ever since I was young I knew I wanted to work for myself. I remember as a child always playing with my sister that we both owned our own markets. We sold each other stickers and candy lol. My mother had two businesses so I think I get this side from her. Read more>>

Marcel Salapa

I probably I have the most cliche Los Angeles upbringing. I was born in Santa Monica, but the parents quickly moved to the valley. I played guitar in a kid rock band, played AYSO soccer at Balboa park and drank wheat grass shots before they were cool. Read more>>

Sean Stone

My father put me in front of the camera when I as 2 years old as the son of notorious insider-trader Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. I had cameos in another half dozen of my dad’s movies, but even at 7, I knew that my true passion was in creating stories. Read more>>

Michael Odokara-Okigbo

Michael O., is a singer, songwriter, performer and producer who harnesses his personal and cultural influences to create a powerful sound all his own. Born on January 8th, 1990 in New York City and raised in Portland, Maine, Michael’s upbringing fused American, African American, and Nigerian culture to create the multi-faceted artist he is today. Read more>>

Rakefet Abergel

I’m a Los Angeles native and an award-winning American/Israeli actress, writer/producer, and outspoken stand up comedian. One month after taking a stand up class, I won Best Comic and Best Overall Talent on the Tyra Banks Show. I appeared in the movie Superbad with Jonah Hill, and as Adam Sandler’s sister in Just Go with It. Read more>>

Mario Lombardo, Tina Pellegrino

Shirts.Dog is a local Los Angeles company that designs, manufactures, prints and ships customized dog apparel from LA. As a dog lover who owns an apparel printing and design business, it was a natural fit to offer the same service to our four-legged best friends. Read more>>

Adeniz Villar

My career in Marketing evolved after working in a few different arenas. I began as a buyer in the apparel industry working with contemporary women’s and men’s brands. Witnessing the surge of social media and its effect on brand exposure and revenue growth, I quickly learned the in’s and out’s of the emerging media landscape. Read more>>

Ellen Winter

I knew from age 5 I wanted to perform and write music. Soon after I started piano lessons, my parents gave me one of those obscenely large plastic tape recorders/players, the kind of thing you’d use to play Raffi casettes. I’d bring it with me everywhere, it was my biggest source of entertainment on car rides. Read more>>

Sami Udell

I graduated college with a degree in advertising, having little clue what I wanted to do with my life. I got a job doing marketing for a tech company. I felt miserable. I visited my older brother in LA, and practically never left. LA made me feel alive and inspired. Read more>>

Raj Singh

Raj Singh is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and product design expert. In 2011, after a creating and growing a series of previous companies to seven-figure valuations, the energetic and personable Singh founded his current company, Go Moment, which, Singh says, is dedicated to making customer service instant and unforgettable.” Read more>>

Danielle Matthew

I was bullied as a child. I knew the pain of being called names and how this affected my self- esteem. I went into the mental health profession as a Marriage Family Therapist and worked in various environments with children and families for over 20 years to help overcome my own issues of negative self -worth and help others who were in pain like me. Read more>>

Liat Veysey

Im a So. Cal girl. Born and raised in Los Angeles and never really left. How could I leave California! I attended college at FIDM and studied Visual Communications. While I was working on productions for TV/Film and part time jobs in the Fashion industry, I was also freelancing as a start up graphic designer. Read more>>

Magaly Tompkins

I started blogging as a way to connect to other moms that are going through similar situations like me. Especially being a working mommy sometimes is tough. People look at you differently for not staying home and raising your kids. But Ive always wanted to prove everyone wrong that I can too do it all. Read more>>

Heather Lovato, Alana Suroff

We both have long-standing backgrounds in traditional PR, working for agencies in LA and Orange County. After years of experience in agency life, we very much wanted to evolve from the traditional PR model and develop a culture that was conscious, collaborative and results-driven – for both our team and our clients. Read more>>

Karen Yeh

I grew up on Long Island as the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants and began playing piano at the age of six because my older siblings were also taking piano lessons. I began on the cello three years later in my public school system and instantly fell in love. Read more>>

Rachael Parker-Chavez

I had no idea what I wanted to “be” when I grew up. To be honest, I’m still not completely sure, but I think I’m getting closer! I knew I loved exploring new places and cultures and that I wanted to be in the sunshine, so I moved from Michigan to California a few months after I graduated high school. Read more>>

Craig Anderson

After a 25 year career with Enterprise Holdings (the company operating Enterprise, Alamo and National Car Rental brands) that took me and my family from LA to Seattle and then Wisconsin, it was time to return home to the West Coast. I was able to parlay my experience at Enterprise into a CEO role with a Mexico City based start up electric bike company here in LA. Read more>>

Jamie Hultgren

My Enze co-founder Nuri Topbas and I worked together for nearly a decade exploring untapped markets and importing product from around the globe. Nuri is from Istanbul, and I’m the So Cal artist type, and at a certain point, our conversations surrounding culture and commerce naturally shifted from developing technology and textiles manufacturing to fashion, where we’ve found the most provocative meeting of the minds. Read more>>

Sarit Rogers

My introduction to photography and what I viewed as “magic” at the time was through my father and the darkroom in our home. I must have been around 5. He taught me how to use his Olympus OM1, and I loved watching images come to life in the chemical-laden darkroom. Read more>>

Olympia LePoint

I am Olympia LePoint. Many people may know me as the “Modern Day Hidden Figure” as read in People Magazine or by seeing my TED Talk and Impact Theory interviews where I share how I programmed my brain to overcame fear to become a rocket scientist, author and professional speaker. Read more>>

Melissa Tsai

Growing up in a Chinese household, Chinese herbal medicine was common. Goji berries and jacobs tears were staples in soups and dishes, and whenever I questioned the unique items in our food, my mom would always tell me that it was great for the eyes or would benefit my health in some way. Read more>>

Laura Youngkin

From an early age I knew I wanted to work in the entertainment business and that storytelling would be a part of my path. My professional journey in the entertainment business began in New York in 2005, when I worked for a Broadway producer. Read more>>

Maura Moynihan

I started my private practice when my first son was about a year old. In chiropractic school I began my studies with The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and concentrated my focus on serving women with their physiological changes in pregnancy, post-partum as well as the pediatric population. Read more>>

Morgan Sacco

I relocated back to Los Angeles in September of 2016 after three years in Silicon Valley. The relationships that I had built while in business school at Pepperdine University had become dormant and many of my classmates had moved out of the area. Read more>>

Patricia DiSalvo Viayra

In retrospect, directing movies and entertaining others has always been my calling! I grew up in a very small town in Maryland: we only had one stoplight in our town until I was in high school. I started dancing when I was 2 years old; during elementary, middle and high school, I choreographed and taught dance and began acting in school plays and musicals. Read more>>

Jonathon Dilworth

I moved out to Los Angeles from Michigan in 2008 without a job. I moved into an apartment in Hermosa Beach with some old high school friends. Economically, the timing was one of the worst in history for me to pursue work in the real estate industry. Read more>>

Jess Hilton

I’ve always been obsessed with food. When I was little, the first question I would ask my mom in the morning was “what’s for dinner?” Even now, I book restaurant reservations before booking plane tickets. After moving to Southern California from the east coast nearly 20 years ago, I went to cooking school and loved it. Read more>>

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