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West LA 04.03.2018

Julie Moret

I became an inspirational speaker and author with the Agape International Spiritual Center founded by Michael Bernard Beckwith because of bad weather! I was living in New York City several years ago and fled for the west coast during a particularly brutal winter. Read more>>

Linda Radell

Was a volunteer with a charity that wanted to train people in CPR. I decided it would be fun. For 2 years I was a volunteer with the Beverly Hills Fire Department CPR Program–and found that I was really enjoying it. I found myself in-between jobs–and the director of the Beverly Hills Program helped me become an American Heart Association Training Center. Read more>>

Kalika Yap

I’m an immigrant, born in the Philippines and moved to Hawaii with my family when I was three. My father was a door to door sales man – selling encyclopedia and vacuum cleaners. He later went on to start a company called American Products Corp which sold china and cookware. Read more>>

Jenise Steverding

As a college student, I always knew I wanted my career to be about giving back, but had a hard time finding the right path. I got my start in the private sector and then moved into higher education before deciding to return to business school in Milan, Italy. Read more>>

Shar Ghoudsifar

I later worked at a tech startup with a handful of parents. While many of the employees would go out to play billiards or enjoy a night on the (suburban) town, none of the parents could. ‘Being a parent in today’s world is like having three full-time jobs,’ I thought. Read more>>

Sandy Grigsby

I’m a confidence catalyst and an empowerment photographer. It’s a completely different type of photography, and this is how I got here. When I started working with women and doing their portraits, I noticed all of them dealt with some sort of insecurity regardless of how high up they were in their positions, how successful they were, or how confident they appeared. Read more>>

John Di Domenico

When I was a kid, I was a ham. I grew up in a row home neighborhood in Ambler, PA right outside of Philadelphia. My neighbors would sit out on their steps and I would perform impressions of entertainers I had just seen on TV. I had a severe speech impediment as a child but when I did impressions it would disappear, only to come back once I spoke in my own voice. Read more>>

Arthur Pugsley

I am the Senior Attorney at Los Angeles Waterkeeper. I live here in Los Angeles with Jeff, my husband of 23 years. I got to where I am today thanks to good timing, plenty of luck, supportive family and friends, and an open mind. I certainly can’t lay claim to a heroic story of overcoming a life of hardship, so in that sense it has been smooth.  Read more>>

Kiara Ramirez

I was originally born in Mexico City, when I was younger my family decided they wanted to move to an extremely small town called Mendocino, in the middle of the redwood forests on the Californian coast. I’ve had a passion of filmmaking since I can first remember, making short films and music videos with my friends and family growing up all over the coast and redwoods. Read more>>

Eric Vandendriesche

My name is Eric Vandendriessche and I’m French coming from Biarritz (very well known surf spot). I’m Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional for 17 years and Founder of the most innovative Aquatic workout based on stand up paddle boarding and fitness : AQUA STAND UP. Read more>>

Stella Jones

My name is Stella Singleton-Jones and my art career started when I was in the 8th grade at John Burroughs Jr. High, when my teacher, Mr. Shapiro entered my plaster sculpture into an overall art completion, which I won first placed. The prize was an internship program at Otis Art Institution. Read more>>

Christopher Warren

I am a 1/2 Korean 1/2 caucasian Denver-borne transplant to LA,p by way of architecture school in Philly. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Korean food, Mexican food and cheesesteaks (Pat’s), but am still waiting for a good food truck fusion. Maybe a steak wit’ kimchi in a corn tortilla? Read more>>

Melissa Rebronja

I’m Melissa Rebronja, a Heart Healer & Hypnotherapist. I was raised in Toronto, Canada, and born in a beautiful, war-torn country that no longer exists, Yugoslavia. LA is now my permanent residence, where I’ve been living since 2012, over six years now. Read more>>

Claire Barrett

I came to Los Angeles from England 20 years ago. I had $2000 and didn’t know anybody in California. I had been working as a high school teacher in the U.K. but, much as I enjoy teaching, I felt that I was not fulfilling my creative potential. Read more>>

Dave Lawrence

As far back as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with technology, computers, music, and different forms of media. My father worked as an engineer in the aerospace industry and is a lifelong HAM radio operator with a penchant for building some of his own equipment. Read more>>

Sydney Jackson

I’ve always loved taking photos ever since I was younger. When I moved up to Los Angeles I would rent cameras from my art school and take photos of my friends for fun. I started shooting more and more and made an Instagram profile @syduals to have a place to share what I was creating. Read more>>

Chloe Slade

I grew up in Goodrich, Michigan — a town so small that it is actually considered to be a village. Growing up I was completely obsessed with MTV’s ‘TRL’ and knew someday I wanted to leave Michigan to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. After heavy research, I determined that there was no better place to learn about the entertainment industry than Syracuse University in upstate New York. Read more>>

Matt Cipolla

I’ve had a very unique path to where I am now. In college, I majored in Chemistry and attended grad school at UCLA for Chemistry. Early into the graduate program, I realized that I personally found no meaning, purpose, or passion in my chosen field. Read more>>

Lulu Mon Dieu

The Bootleg Bombshells were created in February of 2013 in the basement of the Townhouse and Del Monte, a historical venue in Venice that was actually a Speakeasy during Prohibition. I went in to audition for a position as a burlesque solo performer. One week later I had my own show! Read more>>

Djeki Morris

I’ve always been a visual person inspired by music, but I never really knew which area to focus my efforts into, so I decided to try and learn it all! Through college I supported myself by doing political and nightlife promotional material. Read more>>

Geoff Ryan

I was born in Eastern Montana and one of my earliest memories was getting in trouble for drawing on the walls with crayons. I’ve always been driven to create art that is accessible to the masses yet respects their intelligence and challenges their ideas. (I) try to tell stories that inspire positive action in the world. Read more>>

Adam Campbell

I’m originally from the midwest (Cleveland) and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. I play the drums but unfortunately could not find a band good enough to get a record deal so…I got a job at the record label. Read more>>

Sydney Weiss

Seek The Joy Podcast is inspired by my journey struggling to find joy and love myself unconditionally. Growing up self-love wasn’t in my vocabulary, and to be honest it wasn’t something that came naturally to me. I never knew how to show myself unconditional love or compassion, and I would say finding joy was the same way. Read more>>

Daisy Linhares

Daisy Linhares spent much of her time growing up on the beaches of her native South Brazil. But when the sun went down or winter closed in, her imagination quickly turned to the whimsical stories that inspire today’s collections. Read more>>

Gloria Jaroff

Design is universal knowledge, but each of us is “gifted” with a unique creativity. Mine is a talent for storytelling combined with an insatiable curiosity for understanding the order of things, especially things in nature. My interests culminated in the creation of a new color system which I codified in my book, The Nature of Color in Interior Design. Read more>>

Deidra Cooper

When she was very young, Deidra, an Inglewood native, began dancing at Universal Dance Design with Paul and Arlene Kennedy. As a high school student, Deidra served as head choreographer for her school’s dance team. She continued pursuing her ‘dancer’ ambitions in college at Johnson C. Smith University (in Charlotte, NC) where she was chief choreographer for Unparalleled Productions and choreographer for Eclypse Dance Troupe. Read more>>

Kenny Zhao

I’ve surrounded myself with music my whole life. Played piano since I was 5. Picked up viola in middle school. Taught myself guitar and bass, sang in a band when I was in high school. Studied composition, sound design, music production when I was in college. Read more>>

Oana Bogdan Miller

The studio started as the concept to realize a space where anyone interested in creating a fine art painting would be able to come in and use this space to make their work of art. Personally, I’ve been passionate about painting and art since I was a young girl, so being able to provide this kind of space to nurture creativity for the Los Angeles community has been very rewarding. Read more>>

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