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West LA 03.20.2018

Tracy Prentice

Growing up, I never wanted to stop moving. I went to Boston University’s College of Fine Arts to major in Acting. I loved acting and it was also a way to get through university without getting stuck behind a desk. Senior year, I signed up for a personal training course at the fit-rec center. Read more>>

Michael Gvozden

I moved to LA in 2010 after finishing up a collegiate Lacrosse career at Johns Hopkins, where I was the starting goalie. There was a lot of talk on the East Coast about the popularity of Lacrosse growing in California. I began coaching at various programs around LA and found my niche in training goalies. Read more>>

Tom Kaplan

Hugo’s started as a butcher shop back in the 40’s and my father, Terry Kaplan, took it over in 1975. He became known for his prime Eastern veal. In 1980 he also took over the gourmet market next door. I started helping my father during the construction phase of transforming Hugo’s Fine Meats into one of L.A.’s first gourmet markets & cafes​. Read more>>

Shannon Sommers

Photography was a longtime hobby of mine and is now my third career. My first career being a medical doctor. I practiced Emergency Medicine for 11 years until February 2016 when a herniated lumbar disc changed my life. I had two back-to-back (no pun intended) surgeries and was at one point completely paralyzed from the waist down. Read more>>

Eileen O’Dea, Ryan Silverman

Ryan was running a whole home woodworking business when he met me (high end floors, staircases, custom pieces) I was a personal chef, teaching cooking classes and yoga instructor..I asked him to teach me woodworking and wanted to start making wood pieces for the kitchen. We started with cutting boards and salt cellars and gifted a few to his clients at the time. Read more>>

Liv von Oelreich

I have been an actor since I moved to Alabama from Sweden. My mom put me in acting class (along with a number of other things) in order for me to make friends and assimilate, I suppose. Acting is what stuck. I went to college and graduated with a BA in Theatre and a BS in psychology, the two going hand in hand. Read more>>

Jenna Reiss

When I was 5 years old my mom taught me my first meditation. They were called “I Am Strong Cards” and they helped me deal with the powerful emotions and experiences that were happening around and within me. Read more>>

Jason Fletcher

Having left a career in finance in London at 22 years old I came to LA with not much of a clue about what I would do once I got here. A friend got me a job helping out his company installing Venetian Plaster, faux finishes, murals, etc. I loved the physical creativity that this job required and also seeing the homes of the rich and famous was a thrill for me. Read more>>

Paris Coleman

Hi! My name is Paris and I’m a Los Angeles native. I grew up going to elementary and high school in west LA (specifically Bel-Air and Brentwood), which opened my eyes to all of the great possibilities in life. I started playing volleyball at the age of 10 which led to my love of the game and eventual recruitment to play at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Read more>>

Tannaz Telikany

I am originally from Iran. I got my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design before immigrating to US. In college, I took few photography courses which generated enough passion in me to lead me to where I am today, a photographer. I started by just taking pictures of streets and buildings. Read more>>

Megan Helbing

For pretty much my entire life I have had awkward things happen to me. Daily. I would post stories on facebook about what happened or text a friend and my brothers kept telling me I needed to film them – film your Totally Megan moments. Read more>>

Ruth Chase

Basically I am the third generation of my family to live in Venice, California. I was raised as an only child living in a studio apartment with a mom who couldn’t drive, read or write and we were on welfare. Growing up in Venice gave me a childhood filled with limitless freedom beyond what most people ever experience. Read more>>

Silvano Barba, Melissa Clarke

Clarke & Barba is an L.A. based company was started with the idea that quality and value could be one in the same. We truly care about our products and are involved in every aspect of them. We choose prints and materials that we find interesting and different to give your outfit more unique look and ensure everything is made by hand to provide quality products with unmatched attention to detail. Read more>>

K’era Morgan

I’ve always been an artist. All of us are born creatives but somewhere along the way for some of us it gets stuffed down and put aside. My reawakening started about 5 years ago when I found myself constantly unhappy with my career in public relations. Read more>>

Michelle Ranavat

There’s a lot of family history here—my grandfathers are both in the chemicals business and after a few years on Wall Street, I started working for my dad’s raw materials company. I would essentially search the world for amino acids, peptides and other ingredients and fell in love with this process. Read more>>

Kerrigan Behrens, Kaley Lillibridge

Kerrigan: I first learned about CBD through a friend, whose life completely changed when she began using CBD to treat her chronic pain. She had a doctor prescribe it for her when he realized that prescribing opioids for a woman in her 20s might not be the most responsible thing to do. Read more>>

Zoe Hewitt

While I work now as a host and freelance writer for multiple outlets, I certainly didn’t start here! I began with some basic jobs in production and wound up moving into product placement. I spent seven years as the Vice President of Television representing brands including Volvo, Corona and Ben & Jerry’s as I integrated them into all of the top television shows. Read more>>

Stefanie Michaels

I’m a California native, which there aren’t too many of those here in Los Angeles. LA is the place where people come from all over the planet to stake their fame. My parents were those kind of people, leaving small towns to head for the big city. They would fly home for holidays, and so my first flight was back to Chicago when I was 3 months old. Read more>>

Courtney Dickins

It sounds like a cliché but for me it all started when I was five years old with the Vogue magazine my mother had left on the table. I saw a floor length emerald green adorned in glitter ivy dress that changed my life forever. It literally changed the way I feel about life. Read more>>

Kenan Tekin

My life was full of challenges from the day one and I really didn’t expect a lot from it. The life span of people around me was usually pretty short. I met an amazing person, Robert Foss, in 2001 in Istanbul. My Los Angeles Experience started on my friend Robert’s sofa in February of 2003. Read more>>

Erin Barnes

I’m actually a native of Los Angeles, but I spent most of my childhood years in Ohio. My parents met in college at UCLA where my dad and uncle worked as hashers for my mom’s sorority Alpha Delta Pi! As the story goes, my mom was the most popular girl in the house, always tying up the phone lines with all her suitors, and my dad pined for her and persisted until, well … many years passed, she agreed to marry him and then had my brother and me! Read more>>

Apeksha Agarwal

I was born in a small city in India, Meerut. Most of my childhood was spent in Delhi before shifting to boarding school . I finished high school with a major in business management/economics and proceeded to gaining my BA Honors in Business Studies from the University of Exeter, UK. Read more>>

Stephen Kogon

I moved to Los Angeles from Maryland over 15 years ago to work in the entertainment industry. After years of mainly just being a writer, I started my production company and began the process of making my first film — in which I would write the script, and produce, direct and act. Read more>>

Jordan Robinson

I started out in art as a bored class room sketcher with no real direction at all. Then a few years ago I went through this “dark” period that resulted in a depression which then In turn allowed a lot of time alone with my thoughts. As these thoughts began to form themselves although all self reflective thoughts I began to see them exist outside of myself. Read more>>

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