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West LA 03.06.2018

Portia Jackson

I got started in digital marketing back in 2013 when I started a podcast for working moms while I was still working as a rocket scientist during the day. I wanted to get my message out to as many people as possible and in the process of doing so I created a very successful online business. Read more>>

Claudia Aguirre

I grew up in LA. I went to high school in the Valley and UCLA for undergrad. After a research program at NIH in D.C., I decided I had enough ‘weather’ and moved back to LA to start graduate school at USC. Within 4 years, I received my Doctorate in Neuroscience and started working at Carson-based company, Dermalogica. Read more>>

James Razzall

Growing up in London in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, my perception of America was formed from TV shows and movies. It seemed so glamorous and exciting. Even the resolution of the television images gave it a softer look in contrast to the greyness of the UK back then. Read more>>

Kupah James

A happy young boy who enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together (says baby sis, Natasha), I was a pleasant child. Unfortunately outside of the wonder I saw in the world, I had many lessons to learn and the world felt it necessary to teach me painfully and often. Read more>>

Catherine Tirr

I was raised in England, studied in London, then won a scholarship to study fine art at Cranbrook Art Academy, Michigan. Painting has always been a passion of mine and each body of work I get involved with leads me into new directions of exploration. Read more>>

Elvina Beck

PodShare builds co-living spaces across Los Angeles to share for $50/night, $280/week or $1,000/month. No security deposit, no furnishing costs, no utility costs, no buying toiletries. DTLA Arts District + Los Feliz + Hollywood/Vine + Westwood (UCLA) + Venice/Abbot Kinney. Book a custom-built “pod” in one of our locations, and become a member of a social network of locations that allows you to co-live and co-work at any other PodShare for the duration of your access pass. Read more>>

Idris Hester

My name is Idris Hester, known to many as “A Miracle Man”. This name came about from Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith , leader founder of the world renown , Agape International Spiritual Center. One very important experience, story about myself is that I’m highly probable the only survivor of seven neurosurgeries for invasive brain tumor removal, 4 brain tumor removal, along with three other brain related surgeries. Read more>>

Betsy Rosenfeld Vargas

Born and raised in Los Angles, I always knew I wanted to work in the media in some way. As soon as I graduated from college I started in Television and within 2 years I was a segment producer and writer working for network syndicated shows. Read more>>

Sarah Mcdaniel

After spending over 15 years in the beauty industry in marketing roles on both coasts, I started to slowly work on my own concept (very slowly!). I kept chipping away at small bits in terms of product development and branding, testing and tweaking and evolving. Read more>>

Patricia Rhee

I grew up in Maryland, the daughter of Korean immigrants—my mother was a watercolor painter and my dad was an orthopedic surgeon. I think I became an architect because I loved making things in art class, and I also had an inborn desire to cut things since my dad was a surgeon… this is probably also why I LOVE model making! Read more>>

Dillon Chapman, Tim Walsh

Venice Beach FC started when Tim and I met and brought together our experiences and ideas around the game of soccer. Having both finished up playing careers abroad, we met playing in the local men’s leagues here. Both of us grew up engulfed in the American soccer system, and had the ability to work and play soccer abroad. Read more>>

Angie Shyr

LaLaLove began when I had just finished recording my 1st album demo circa 2013. The idea was like a lightning strike that came fully loaded with the name, image and concept. During that special time when you’re happily locked away in a studio, you become a festering laboratory of musical ideas spilling over. Read more>>

Machiko Hill

I was born and raised in Chiba, Japan. My parents used to take me to eurythmic classes at the Yamaha music school when I was 3. I still remember how fun the classes were. I experienced a lot of singing and movement with music in the class. Read more>>

Robert Rickun

My father was in the floor covering business and I worked with him part time, putting myself through undergraduate and graduate school. When I moved to California, I was not able to find a teaching job so, I fell back on what I knew Floorcovering. Read more>>

Raquel Ramirez

Born in Mexico City and having studied Communications, Raquel moved to Los Angeles, CA, in 1990. She is bicultural and fluent in Spanish and English. Raquel is the founder and part-owner of Tono Studios, a state-of-the-art audio post production facility headquartered in Santa Monica, CA. Read more>>

Karen Wilson

When I was nine years old, I declared that I was going to be a doctor, but by the time I was completing my undergraduate degree, my interest had shifted to an interest in the brain and behavior. To my delight, I found that that there was a subspecialty in psychology – neuropsychology. Read more>>

Skot Carruth

The best stories are the unintended ones. A story that unfolds exactly as planned – if it ever does – strikes me as incredible boring, dry, and void of any serendipity or magical “meant to be” moments. Who would want to go through life like that? When others look at where I am today, they might easily surmise that it’s come as a result of careful planning, hard work, and maybe a good dose of luck. Read more>>

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