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The Weekly Bite: Demitasse in Santa Monica, Little Tokyo, West Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire

Today we’d like to introduce you to Santa Monica, Little Tokyo, West Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire’s Demitasse .

What’s the Demitasse story? The who/what/when/where/why?
Coffee has always been in my blood. My dad actually owned a coffee shop in Berkeley before I was born, and some of my fondest memories of my childhood were drinking coffee with him downtown in the early 90’s. Many decades later, I went into the law, but found myself drinking and obsessing over coffee. A few of us at our small firm formed the Coffee Club and we started ordering coffee from all over the country and rating them in a spreadsheet. As it started taking up more and more of my time, I figured I should jump in and do this for a living.

This has definitely been a family business. My dad and mom help me out in more ways than I can count. Early on, when we would get busy, my dad would jump behind the counter and help take orders!

Our shops strive to reflect the neighborhoods their in. Each store has a shop drink that is only available at that location and is meant to reflect the neighborhood that it’s in. For example, our Little Tokyo shop has a shiso iced green tea that reflects the Japanese culture in the area.

In speaking with any restaurateurs I’ve come to learn that the restaurant business can be brutal. How has it been for you? What’s been the hardest part?
I don’t think anything is easy in the food and drink industry in LA.

Early on, I’d say out biggest challenges were just navigating the red tape in this city and trying to get a shop open. Last year we opened a full service, fine-dining restaurant/roastery that went to hell so quickly it made my head (and wallet) spin. That was by far the most difficult thing we ever did and closing it was a heart break.

What we love about independent, non-chain restaurants is that the independents bring new ideas forward. What’s interesting or unique about Demitasse
We’re the only place in LA that serves coffee!! So unique, right?

All joking aside, I think we’re one of the few home-grown coffee roasters in LA, and one of the only ones that does a significant amount of direct trade coffee (which is a loaded term these days, but for us it means going to origin, meeting and developing relationships with producers and making sure that they’re getting a fair price for their greens).

The other thing that I would say makes us unique is that every barista who works for us has a signature drink that you can order only when they’re on bar. The drinks they come up with are super creative and tasty and it keeps things fun.

Hard to find dishes…we always have some funky seasonal drinks – right now we have a sour cherry iced tea and coconut lime latte.

Most Popular Items

Siphon Coffee

Not so much an item, but 3 of our shops brew using this contraption that makes a really light, clean cup of coffee.
Dietary: Vegetarian Vegan Gluten-free
Coconut-Lime Latte

Our seasonal latte. Coconut milk, espresso and home made lime syrup.
Dietary: Vegetarian Vegan

Iced-Minty Cubano

Raw sugar, milk, espresso and fresh mint over ice.

Lavender Liquid Hot Chocolate

Our home-made chocolate, infused with lavender extract and topped off with a roasted marshmallow.Parking Advice:
Depends on the shop.

Happy Hour:

Average Entre Cost:4

Address: 135 S. San Pedro St. 90012
1149 3rd St., 90404
8700 Santa Monica Blvd., 90069
6363 Wilshire Blvd., 90048



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Amparo Rios

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