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The Weekly Bite: Bennys Tacos and Chicken Rotisserie Santa Monica in Santa Monica

Today we’d like to introduce you to Santa Monica ’s Bennys Tacos and Chicken Rotisserie Santa Monica .

Please tell us about how you got started in the restaurant business.
I was born in Romania, came to U.S. when I was 13. Joined the U.S. Marines as a tank commander when I was 18 years old.
Afterwards ran a $ 10 M cosmetic company , and sold it for a very nice profit.

I love to eat freshly cooked food, so i bought a Johnny Rocket Franchise and learned the business.
It came very easy to me to run a restaurant since my company had 200 employees.

I love Mexican food, so I decided to sell the J.R. and start a Mexican fast food restaurant that will cook all the food , per order only when the customers ordered it.
No cans, no microwaves. We make everything fresh.

No partners, i started on my own in Venice, then sold it the location, and opened by LMU to be near the students. Expanded to Santa Monica and then decided to take on 2 partners to expand our business.
Now we are opening in Culver City on Venice Blvd and Motor Blvd.

I love to see people eat, and make them happy with food.

Has it been a smooth road to get to where you are today?
Not easy. We came from ‘Romania without nothing except $ 500.00. Not allowed to leave the country with any monies or property. So my parents left all to the government and came to U.S. to build a future.

At the beginning we had nothing. We barely got an apartment, had no bed, slept on the floor for almost 1 year till we can afford a bed and some furniture. Went to school and worked odd jobs .

No big challenge, just a lot of hard work.

Tell us about what makes Bennys Tacos and Chicken Rotisserie Santa Monica special or unique?
All the food is fresh, cooked per order. We make everything except the sour cream.

When you order at Bennys Tacos you are getting the freshest : meats, veggies and seafood.

Most Popular Items

Fajita platter

Fresh veggies grilled with your favorite protein. Pinto or Black beans and Spanish rice with a homemade corn tortillas.
Dietary: Vegetarian

Chicken Soup

Simply put the best soup you ever ate. Vegetables and hormone free chickens cooked for hours.


Nice catering packages for groups starting at 15 guests to 1`500 guests.

Parking Advice:
Park in the rear of the restaurant

Happy Hour:

All day.

Fresh Fish tacos / 3 for 7.99

Average Entre Cost:$ 9.75

Address: 915 wilshire blvd
santa monica,

Phone:310 451.0200



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