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The Valley 6.19.2017

Laura Powers

In 2009, I was in a really bad place; I was physically ill, unemployed, in a bad marriage, and unhappy. Even though everything seemed hopeless, my situation became a catalyst and ultimately helped me to make some pretty drastic changes that transformed my life. I completely changed focus from working in politics and public administration to becoming a professional psychic medium. Read More>>

Joelyn Joaquin

All my life I’ve been an animal lover. But it wasn’t until 2003 when a shy, scared Terrier mix from the SPCA chose us to be her forever family that we became crazy dog fanatics. Dad named her Ohana, from the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch, because “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind…or forgotten.” Read More>>

Dave Alton

I started taking pictures in 10th grade in high school. In 2002, a friend asked me to take their wedding photos. I said yes and used an old Nikon F3 that I absolutely loved. I did a terrible job to be honest and really hadn’t done anything like a wedding. Read More>>

Jenni MacLeod

I wasn’t a little girl who grew up dreaming about my wedding day. In fact, I thought weddings were kind of lame. A formulaic and stressful obligation instead of a personal expression of love. I always imagined that if I got married I would elope, but then I met my Scottish dream man and the idea of a party with our favorite people in Edinburgh to celebrate our commitment was just too good to pass up. Read More>>

Electra Barakos

SoundCheck Music School is owned by recording artist and finalist of the hit TV Show “The Voice” of Greece, Electra Barakos and professional touring drummer and educator, Dan Welby. Electra is a certified Vocal Power Instructor and the director of Elisabeth Howards Vocal Power Academy of Los Angeles. She is also a graduate from California State University of Northridge with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music – Opera Performance, and is the lead singer of her original Rock Pop Band self-titled “ELECTRA”. Read More>>


Before World War I, my grandfather was a travelling weaver in Old Armenia (now Turkey). He carried a portable loom on his horse and rode from village to village on a year-long route repairing [weaving] rugs for townspeople along the way. He and my grandmother (once she was widowed and living with her children in a Syrian refugee camp) taught my father the trade, and he also became a professional weaver. Read More>>

Marwick Kane

Up Pup N Away’s beginnings start with the passing of my first Doberman Pinscher Patsy in 2011. After losing my dog to bone cancer, I decided to train my male Doberman Jackie to do therapy dog work, as we both needed to feel better. As a team, we passed our exams and began volunteering with Alzheimer’s Patients, soon after Jackie started working with children throughout the valley helping them through a myriad of issues, he was a natural with kids. Read More>>

Lisa Popeil

When I was four, I began piano lessons and at six started with voice lessons. Singing, in particular was just so interesting and I began writing songs before becoming enamored with recording in studios. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Voice from CalArts, I performed and recorded with Frank Zappa and also made an album of my own which was a Billboard “Top Album Pick”. Read More>>

Samantha Jones

Since I was a young girl I knew I had a special connection with animals of all kinds. I would often go over to friends’ homes and end up spending more time with their pets than them. I knew that wherever life led me, I wanted to work in an animal related field. Read More>>

Susan Newman

After 25 years being a legal secretary, working in various offices, and not being happy, I decided to take some home based/online bookkeeping courses to possibly switch careers. I did the bookkeeping courses when I was laid off or in between jobs, and I got both my bookkeeping and QuickBooks certifications. My dad, who was an attorney, and almost retired, needed some legal secretary help, including QuickBooks. Read More>>

gali asulin

Since I was a small girl, I knew that I wanted to paint, and work with color. After the Army, I went to school for 4 years for graphic arts, design, photography, advertising, printing and anything to do with the arts. I worked wherever I could find a job, then I decided to open my own studio and became free-lance with many advertising agencies and famous brand name companies, all the while taking additional classes when I could find them in all forms of art. Painting, drawing, Japanese art and making jewelry. Read More>>

Armen Kanberian

I’ve always had an interest in fashion and interior design. I started in the wholesale side and then made my switch to the retail side with my very first retail shop in Studio City 15 years ago. Inspired from my travels around the world and immersing in different cultures. I love seeing people take chances and willing to try something different. I want my clients to feel good with the unique eyewear they wear. Read More>>

Pauline Marasek

I have always been a creative person. I love to make gifts for people. That’s how the brittle business started, making it for friends and family almost 20 years ago. It was such a big hit, that 3 years later (2001) I started my business and in 2004 opened my candy store and kitchen. Read More>>

Alison Deyette

I knew I wasn’t going to make it as a dancer in Broadways shows so I turned to my other passion – becoming a writer and editor on women’s magazines. I wanted to work on a national magazine as an editor in NYC so I got down to business early in college and worked for various publications while in school and upon graduation I had a portfolio of published articles. That portfolio landed me my first gig. Read More>>

Kimberly Odian

Inspired by another “plant lady” in 1979 whom I saw shaking the leaves off a tree and had her head sets on. I said that’s the job for me. I proceeded to the yellow pages and called 20 indoor plant service companies for a job. Read More>>

Amy Ward

I’ve worked in the fashion industry my entire life, as a model, makeup artist and then photographer in NY, London, Paris and throughout Europe. I began designing and making hats seven years ago, but it’s something I always wanted to do. I love creating an unexpected bit of frivolity that lifts the spirit and makes people smile. Read More>>

Fernando Isern Busigo and Gabrielle Chanel

Working together as a husband and wife team takes a lot of passion and patience and requires two people who are completely in sync, in terms of values, goals and aspirations. For us, it all started when we met in New York City. We were both creative trainers, teaching technology and software at one of the busiest Apple Stores on Fifth Avenue. Read More>>

Kevin Anto

My brother and I were born and raised in France. We both studied music at the most prestigious conservatory in France known as the Conservatory of Paris. Our family later on moved to America and we were introduced to the Suzuki Method, which is a beautiful way of learning how to play any instrument. Read More>>

Gregory Radionov

Our family is from Kiev, Ukraine. Our journey to US started back in 1979, when my parents decided to immigrate to USA. All paperwork was done, but… Afghan war started and Iron Curtain went down. Tens of thousands of families from USSR were refused immigration by Soviet state, and our family was one of them. My parents lost their jobs, they were considered “traitors”, so they had to start over looking for entry level positions, struggling to make ends meet. Read More>>

Amanda Stone

My passion has always been to help & work with children since I was 10 years old. I was a social worker in England and also worked as a teacher and in children’s homes with children in care. I have worked and lived in America for 29 years. I worked as teacher with all grades & subjects for LA Unified, Las Virgenes and private Charter schools. I am also a special education teacher. Read More>>

Claudia Blasi

When I was 15 years old and looking for my first job, I went down to the local flower shop, Cee Jay’s Place for Flowers in Palos Verdes Estates. It was there that I was fortunate enough to be taught by owner Jodi Lazor, how to design, which encouraged and grew my love for flowers and all things creative. I worked there through high school and went off to college but my love of floral design remained strong. Read More>>

Gisele Tune

As a young child, I was always surrounded by fashion. My mother owned a trendy boutique in Los Angeles and my love for style grew as I spent countless afternoons in her store and acquired my own personal taste on buying trips to Paris. I enjoyed the glamour of the fashion industry and knew this was the profession I wanted to be a part of. Read More>>

Rosa Maria and Elizabeth Ruvalcaba

ALAS Media started when a group of friends decided to follow their passion for telling stories. In 2007, co-founder Rosa had graduated from grad school at the University of San Francisco and moved back to her hometown, the City of San Fernando. After moving back, she had been offered a job in Mexico City. Having only a few days to decide if she wanted to move, she reach out to close friends to think things through. Read More>>

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