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The Valley 3.20.2017

DJ Adam

Rolling With DJ Adam brings engaging, upbeat DJ and DJ cover services to any celebration near Chatsworth, California. There is no better form of party entertainment, and all of the proceeds go toward helping Adam. Read More>>

Aryan Rabizadeh

My great passion in life is music. From the time that I took my first piano lesson as a young child I have been enamored of the feeling that music brings. This is true both in terms of creating music and listening to it. Read More>>

Anthony Karapetyan

My passion, drive and the love for food and the restaurant business had started long before I had even known, it was instilled in me from a young age when my late grandpa and dad owned and ran their own restaurant. Read More>>

Allison O’Malley

It was the fall of 2010, I was engaged, and knee deep in a voting frenzy to win my wedding sponsored by Choura Events, a Long beach based Event Company. My husband and I created an original 3 minute video telling our story of why we should be the ones to be awarded a platinum wedding package. Read More>>

Bexx, Terry Jones, Crosby

Entertaining is in my blood. Having grown up with a mother who entertained all the time and a father who owned a chain of restaurants entertaining and cooking for people comes very naturally to me. Read More>>

Nancy Sexton

My husband, Tim and I had wanted to start a business for a while and we had even flushed out several ideas, but once we looked deeper into them, they just weren’t the right fit. And for myself, I was looking for something new to do in my life. Read More>>

Katherine Haynes

The day that I realized I would rather read the food pages of the newspaper than the calendar and movie section, was the day I realized I loved to cook more than my job at the time in the film and television industry. Read More>>

Hylah White

My father is a family law forensic account and I grew up hearing about the different divorce cases he worked on. After graduating college with a major in Business Management and Operations Management and with a minor in Accounting, my father asked me to join his firm. Read More>>

Miles Lewis

I started into a serious interest in drawing and painting at 15. At 19, I inherited a college-preparatory community art school from my mentor Greg Mansi in the San Fernando Valley. Read More>>

Emerson Bran

Emerson Bran is a producer, manager, and promoter to some of the world’s most renowned and award-winning Latin & Jazz artists. Since the inception of Emerson Bran Management, a booking and management agency in 1999, he has been committed to bringing some of the finest performers in the industry. Read More>>

Harry Markarian

Gold ‘N I Jewelers is family-owned and operated, we first opened our doors in 1984 by the current owner’s father. From day one, our master craftsmen have been working diligently on-site to provide our clients with the best possible service they have received. What makes us happy the most is our client’s happiness. Read More>>

Fouy Chau

I have been very fortunate in my life, from my upbringing until today. It wasn’t so for my parents. They were refugees from the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia during the late 1970s. Read More>>

Brande LaHaye

Living in LA, the land of opportunity, can be a love hate relationship for anyone. A real sink or swim type of place. I guess I chose to swim. Feeling beat down by my lack of career, despite my hard working driven attitude, I had just had my second child. Read More>>

Jeff Krantz

I moved from Coral Springs, FL having just left an IT job at a CC manufacturing company. I moved to Sherman Oaks, thinking my services would be needed, and they were not. Read More>>

Lisa Sirlin-Hall

No Roses Artisan Jewelry Los Angeles officially launched in 2011, but my love of design was born long before we opened the shop. I was most definitely a maker growing up and always had my hands in clay, mosaics, bead stringing or wire-wrapping. Read More>>

Eli Kramer

I’m the youngest embroidery company founder in the country! I have been business minded ever since I can remember. I’m always looking for a better way, a better product, and to offer better service. At 17, I started working for a popular restaurant chain in Los Angeles. By age 20, I was managing the chain. Read More>>


Well, I guess it started with The Beatles as a young kid. Although I was into music before them, they really spurred my interest in pursuing it as a career. Started playing guitar at 12, piano at 15, learned orchestration, arranging & film composing in college. Read More>>

Victor Corbera

From the get-go I was always entranced by creativity. As a kid I went from crayons, to Legos, to sketchpads to computers. I got my start in the world of commercial art as a delivery driver. Read More>>

Anne Robin

I learned the basics of calligraphy when I was 9 years old in an after-school class. I started doing invitations and envelopes for friends and really used it as a side job to make some money while I was growing up and going to school. Read More>>

Matt Plaskoff

When I was a kid, I always had an Entrepreneurial spirit. At a very young age, I turned our family playhouse into a candy store. Had my Mom take me to the store to buy bulk candy and then set up shop. Read More>>

Nathaniel Safchuk

Even as a child, I was intrigued by music. It was easy to see how important music could be to interpersonal communication, and in helping bring people together. Read More>>

Kelly Moscinski

I honestly fell into the voiceover industry. It’s not actually something I was pursuing. In college where I got my Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Master’s degree in English/Writing. Read More>>

Joshua Mazalian

I realized I needed to start my own practice early on in my career. I wanted to work with patients in the most optimal setting, one-on-one. Read More>>

Eduardo Dias

I unfortunately don’t have a cool story of having lost 100 lbs. or anything like that. I have always been into fitness. I had been an active little boy but was always very skinny. Read More>>

Sean Wilson

I became interested in martial arts when I was about 9 years old living in Jamaica. Back then kung fu movies were extremely popular, and I dreamed of being one of those kung fu masters. Read More>>

Elizabeth Pedroza

I have been an overweight most of my life. I have struggled with back pain, body limitations real and socially perceived as well as the feeling that the person people see is not the person I really am. In my mind and heart I am an athlete. Read More>>

Jessica Schoech

As a native New Yorker, my transition to LA in 2009 was a bit rocky. I had grown accustomed to being around people all day long in the subways, on the streets, and anywhere to grab a bite to eat while traversing New York City’s many diverse areas. Read More>>

Monica Geisz Benitez

I was born in Budapest, Hungary. All my Ballet and Jazz training was completed there. After coming to the US, I started teaching dance classes at private schools in the Los Angeles area. Read More>>

Steve Daswani

We started when I was visiting a friend out of town and he suggested we check out this new fun activity by him, so we did. After we left I realized this would bring great joy to anyone and needed to bring it to my home area. Read More>>

Anja Christy

I created a business from my childhood passion….belly dance! I am a professional belly dancer, instructor/choreographer and nationally acclaimed costume designer. As a teacher, it’s my passion to introduce this dance form to non-dancers. Read More>>

Shannon Schroeder

The Pilates Studio started in my living room, really! I was a newly certified teacher and eager to practice on my friends. It started with casual Sunday morning mat classes, and in time I bought a little equipment and it went from there. I opened a store front space in 2011 in Montrose, CA. Read More>>

Molly McNamee

I’ve always been an active person. I grew up playing sports with my brothers and competing in dance and gymnastics. After I finished high school, I needed to find a way to stay fit. Read More>>

Joy Marcinkowski

From a young age I’ve always been intrigued with anatomy/health/wellness, I worked a desk job for 16 years and was ready for a change. When I found out my sister became a massage therapist I decided to look into that field. Read More>>

Jana Bunge

My father was a hairdresser – so I’ve grown up in and around the beauty business! I’ve been a working professional in the industry since 1984. My background being in commercial, video and print work. I began to include providing makeup/hairstyling for weddings in 2001. Read More>>

David Giron

Over 17 years ago I wanted to learn to tattoo. I had a few ideas about tattoos and thought that this skill would be a great addition to my skill base. I was already an accomplished graphic designer, Illustrator, and studied classic animation. Read More>>

Mariana Rossano

Mariana Rossano is an entrepreneur with 17+ years experience in the Healthy Food Delivery Business. She has proved that with diligence and hard work, you can still raise money in a bad economic climate. Read More>>

Jay Jacobo

I have always been active. I’m a Valley kid and I spent a lot of time outdoors, which is typical of growing up in California. I went to North Hollywood High and got on the gymnastics, track and swimming teams. Read More>>

Jason May

I started Lo Carb U Foods in Dec of 2003 because I was on a low carb diet an knew there was a lot of products on the market but had to go around to a lot of difference places to locate things. Read More>>

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