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The Valley 2.20.17

Seema Cecil

Early 2002 I came from India and started eyebrows threading with one chair in the back of an Indian movie rental store. Worked 7 days of the week that first year. Working and going to school to get my Esthetician license. Read More>>

Helene Stahl

I always had a passion for hair. When I heard about hair extensions, I was intrigued. I heard about a salon in Calabasas called Tadashi and that they were teaching the application of hair extensions. Read More>>

Cybil Solyn

Have you ever found yourself falling into a job that you were good at but that just didn’t speak to you? I fell into technology and web development in college and it just sort of stuck. The money was really good, and although I found it challenging it didn’t inspire me. Read More>>

Gloria Flores

After surviving cancer, I decided to attend massage school to follow my passion for helping others on their healing path. That’s where I first heard about Craniosacral Therapy. Read More>>

Kirstie Reese

I’ve always had a passion for helping people feel good about themselves. This quote by Maya Angelou puts things into perspective for me, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Read More>>

Dee Dee Heidarian

I started DeeDee’s Skincare and Electrolysis in 1990 after graduating from Citrus College. I was 34 years old and I was a single mom raising two very young kids. I had just migrated to LA after the Iranian revolution. Read More>>

Hermelindo Garcia Jr

I started working right out of High School with my older brother who had starting working with a pool service company. I started joining him on his route to earning some cash and eventually joined him on a daily basis. Read More>>

Mya Vo

I have been in the business over 18 years, so I know all there is to know about the nail care industry. My passion is to make people happy and help them appreciate their nails. Read More>>

Stephanie Mazzeo

As a Freelance Makeup Artist with 20+ years of industry experience, I’ve been fortunate enough to work coast-to-coast on multiple projects, including film, TV, music videos, commercials, print & more! Read More>>

Danny Rodriguez

Pablito’s kitchen was born as an idea that came when I saw a need and a demand for a fast casual Peruvian restaurant in LA. Most of the restaurants in LA are moms and pops and they lack many of the Elements that makes a strong brand. Read More>>

Reid Kawakami

I first started working out as a result of playing sports during my childhood. Once I got to the high school level I was extremely undersized and needed to gain weight/muscle. I played football, basketball, wrestling, and ran track. I was always a really skinny kid, and I got bullied a lot. Read More>>

Tito Vilela

Very early on I had access to cameras. Whenever I traveled alone or with family, I always had to have a camera with me. At that time I photographed a little of everything. Little by little I became more discerning about the things I saw and attracted to me the most. Read More>>

Skylar Dawn & Carlos Pagan

When I was going College back when I was 19 in Orange County, where I was born and raised, studying photography. I never thought by the age of 25 I will be owning a major studio here in LA. Read More>>

Dave Green

Mystery Trip actually began as an annual summer party for my friends, where I would take them to the weird, cool, offbeat and undiscovered parts of the city…the hook was no one knew where they were going when they got on the bus! Read More>>

Marc Lessman

Our Grand Opening was in Culver City, CA in November of 2004. We started at a little Italian Restaurant, and things grew from there! Our second location opened in Long Beach, CA aboard the Grand Romance Riverboat, and is a cruise around the ocean. Then came our Orange County location. Read More>>

Nikki Lunden

I was born and raised in the tiny town of Franklin, Iowa and surrounding area. My Mom loved Karen Carpenter – I can remember some of my first memories of Mom singing with Karen, me singing with her. I’d dig through her vinyl and put on Bette Midler’s “Divine Miss M” with some headphones and listen to her soulful delivery on “Delta Dawn” over and over. Read More>>

Valerie Marsico

I guess you could say that ice cream is in my veins. Really. If they cut me open, I just might have a little pecan praline, or peanut butter cup mixed in there! From my earliest memories ice cream has played such a huge part in the story of my life. Read More>>

Donna Currie

I grew up in the small town of Sunland/Tujunga, Andy of Mayberry style. The principle of hard work was ingrained in me from childhood. Despite not having a college degree, I always managed to start or rise to the top of each industry I pursued. Read More>>

Nikkita Weerasinghe

My journey to owning a studio happened organically. I was in Nursing School at San Diego State University when I first stumbled upon Pilates. I had always struggled with my weight and body image, being in the Nursing School made it hard to keep up with a healthy routine and maintain balance. Read More>>

Miss Melodee

Miss Melodee Studios is an extension of my Dancing with Miss Melodee Entertainment brand and offers creative and fine arts classes for children, teens, and adults. At MM Studios we strive to nurture artistic and personal growth in a non-competitive, fun, and positive environment. Read More>>

Crystal Duran

I once had a dream and now it has become a reality. I am a 24 year old named Crystal who owns a dance studio in the valley. My love for dance started at a young age because my father would dance with me. Read More>>

Leilani Lee

I’ve been in the hospitality industry for over 15 years- I worked in various hotels such as the Four Seasons Westlake Village and the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay making pastries for a living. Read More>>

Kanika Brock

I am a wife of a Major League Baseball Coach, Mother of two active boys, one a budding baseball player and the other a highly recruited Freshman Sprinter at the University of Southern California. I am the only female strength and conditioning specialist working with Major league athletes, and I am the owner of The Cardio Grind! Read More>>

Viveca Jensen

I spent my whole life working within the areas of dance and fitness. I love to explore ways to train smarter and better. I came to Los Angeles from my home country, Sweden, as a professional dancer – educated at the Ballet Academy in Stockholm. After several years working in the dance studio, my career ended due to an injury. Read More>>

Georgina O’Farrill

During my first intro yoga class, I discovered that after years of running, kickboxing and hitting the gym, I couldn’t clasp my hands behind my back. I realized then that I had two choices: change my name to Vinnie, or start doing yoga. Read More>>

Jen Netherby

I started my career as a journalist and I was writing about the entertainment business in Los Angeles when I took my first yoga class around 2000. At the time, I was incredibly stressed and I wasn’t very happy. Read More>>

Keeper Catran-Whitney

In 1971 at age 12 Keeper found out he was born deformed when doctors at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles diagnosed Keeper with multiple compound scoliosis. He was born withy not one S-curve but, with two S-curves. Read More>>

Nicole Robbins

I grew up playing tennis at The Racquet Centre in Universal City. I am a local who played number one at Campbell Hall High School. Nikki’ Tennis Crew started when I graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1989. Read More>>

Paola Tovar

I started volunteering at an animal hospital during my two years of pre veterinary medicine studies in college as part of the requirements . Many of the facilities I worked in offered dog boarding. Read More>>

Katie Echeverry

Started as a side business in my garage in 2000. A friend made me a website for free and it took me 6 months to get my first order. Over the next several years, sales began to pick up and at one point Glamour magazine mentioned as one of their favorite places to shop for vintage clothing. Read More>>

W. Alex Reeves

I was born in New York City and moved to the suburbs of Chicago when I was 6. My dad was a recording engineer who recorded acts like ZZ Top, Greg Allman, Lou Reed and hundreds of others in New York in the 60s and 70s–he’s got some amazing stories–so I grew up in his studio learning the trade. Read More>>

Jeff Shiffman

I studied music in college at Indiana University. Approaching graduation, my wife (then girlfriend) and I dared each other to move to LA. I hoped to make a go of it as a composer. Read More>>

John Capo

I was born and raised here in Los Angeles and I started playing the Piano when I was five years old.
As a teenager, I played keyboards and then started traveling across the United States and Europe playing in bands and also as a solo Piano player and Studio musician. Read More>>

Tommy Ottley

I was born the year of the Macintosh, so my story of being an IT professional had an appropriate beginning. After building all of the family computers and eventually working for Apple Inc., I decided to branch out and bring my unique brand of tech consulting to the residences and small businesses of Los Angeles. Read More>>

Simon Brumfield Jr

Music has always been an influence in my life. Growing up it was just never anything that I thought of as something that I could do. I thought that I would be a doctor, lawyer, or something else more traditional. Read More>>

Paul Tavenner

I grew up in a musical family. My mom didn’t play an instrument and regretted it, so she made of each play an instrument for one year. After that, it was up to each of us to decide to continue or not. She got two professional musicians out of the deal! Read More>>

Rafi Zait

Traveling Baby Company Started back in 2004 from a small chain of baby stores. People started coming in and needing things temporarily as they would have relatives coming in from out of town. Eventually we started renting out some of the products and there you have it. A new baby was birthed, a Traveling Baby!! Read More>>

Jamie Sands

I was a biology major in college and began doing internships trying to find my calling. My first job was in a biology lab growing bacteria in Petri dishes. I found the bacteria’s slow growth boring and the silence of the multiplying cells lonesome. I found out I was a people person, not meant to be alone for hours in a lab. Read More>>

John Mizenko

Join the Band started in 1998. I was a private guitar teacher at a local music store when I recognized the need for my guitar students to experience playing with other musicians in a band setting. I started to network with other music teachers to get drummers, singers, keyboardists and bass players involved. Read More>>

Sharyn Gersh

MICDI started as a business title in the late 1980’s for independent music editor Michael Dittrick (current CEO), and took off when Sharyn Tylk-Gersh (current President) joined him in 1995. Together over the past 22 years they’ve grown from a home based business of two to owning their own Burbank facility with 10 full-time employees that cover as many as 20 simultaneous TV/film projects at a time. Read More>>

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