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The Valley 12.04.2017

Rebecca Michael

Using my background in content writing and marketing, I decided to delve into the world of online writing to diversify my income possibilities. I had done freelance writing off and on for many years but pursued it full-time starting in 2014. Read more>>

Ashlee Levitch

Working in the beauty industry, I found that the talents of the artists were not only inspiring but found they went far beyond what we experienced in the salon, in their chair. Hair and nail artists enter competitions, create avant-garde designs and participate in photoshoots pushing their level of creativity. I wanted to promote that. Read more>>

Norris Duckett III

Starting Norris Photography was very nerve wracking, I had no idea what I was doing, I had only purpose which was I love documenting and creating moments, and I need to provide a living for my family. Read more>>

Randy Brady

Always believe in extreme possibilities. As a kid, I wanted to be in a boy band and play on stages across the states, thanks to NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. I would only listen to them when I got home from elementary school. Read more>>

Concetta Huffa

What does anyone do when they lose their job? Maybe their company is downsizing. Maybe it’s relocating. But, what does a person do that has a passion, which is not framed by corporate decision makers? That person does what he or she loves and tries to make money along the way. Read more>>

Theresa Nguyen

When I was in physical therapy school, I would doodle during the business class which taught us how to start our own clinic. I never thought I would want this responsibility. At the height of my career, I was the director of rehabilitation, making great money, but unhappy with management. Read more>>

Fabio and Yana Lazzari

I immigrated from Italy in 1999. My hometown, Arzignano in Northern Italy, is leather production capital of the world. I am from family of leather tanning experts. This is all I know. I always loved leather & made it my life commitment to introduce USA market to luxury Italian leather, the best in the world. Read more>>

Kirsten Korot

As a child, I was very connected to my intuition and empathic side. As a result, I remember I often felt like an outsider and different than other kids my age like my soul was older and I couldn’t relate to most things kids my age were interested in. Read more>>

Corinne Fry-Rich

I started out at the age of seventeen as a makeup artist in the film industry before my transition into accessory and handbag design and the start of my handbag company Corinne Rene Handbags. Read more>>

Joe Tishkoff

During my junior year in college while at CSUN in the early 1980’s, I took a part-time position at a mortgage company as an intern. Immediately, my business took off and within a year, I was working while still at CSUN in business school with celebrity clients and top Realtors in the Westside. Read more>>

Michael North

Michael North was born in Hinsdale, Illinois, a small suburb of Chicago, where he grew up listening to his dad sing and watching him perform as a member of the Doo-Wop group, the Spaniels. Michael’s father secretly, or not so secretly, wanted to start a family band, with Michael and his brother singing. Read more>>

Tim and Kay Hine

Since 1989, Tim and Kay Hine have been hand selecting unique furnishings, antique Mexican doors, artifacts and decor accents. Our traditional Spanish furniture is made from a variety of native Mexican woods, including the hardwood Mesquite. Read more>>

Savannah Schoenecker

About 2.5 year ago, I’d been practicing martial arts, Wing Chun Kung Fu, specifically, for about 5 years before starting my business. I was instructing children at the studio where I practiced and they needed help with enrollment, so the owners asked me to reach out to local preschools and offer a martial arts program in order to market the studio more broadly. Read more>>

Shelley Herman

As an abstract painter, I’ve always been interested in color and form. I’ve also been obsessed with jewelry since I was very young, and thought once I had more time, I’d learn how to make it. After years of working seasonally in television production, I started making necklaces during my hiatus periods. Read more>>

Brett Fisher

After graduating from UCLA with a degree in music I spent the next 7 years working in live theatre in L.A. and Ventura, conducting musical theatre orchestras and producing shows. After “casting” many productions and auditioning many musicians for my shows, I found myself also helping businesses find great talent to hire. Read more>>

Jenny Hill and Catherine Keefer

JC Room Blocks was born when two best friends recognized that bridal couples needed help setting up hotel room blocks for out of town wedding guests. We started small in early 2013 with friends and family. Word quickly spread among the wedding planning community about the two gals who could negotiate great room rates for groups at hotels and get some pretty great perks and freebies in the process. Read more>>

Niyome Bello and Tamy Sloboda

As both educational professionals and parents of gifted learners, we started Revo Academy out of necessity for our own children. After years of advocating for our children and having it fall on deaf ears, we refused to settle and set out to break the mold and build a better way. Read more>>

Lani Williams

I work with my clients to help them restore & maintain the health of their skin & body as a whole unit by treating conditions at their source. I help my clients restore beauty health & beauty with customized facial, body & wellness services. Read more>>

Jane Gerwin

I always had a hard time picturing myself in a career that I loved. I put myself though school by working in the corporate world and just sort of stuck around after college. I kept telling myself that I would figure it out one day. Read more>>

Zsolt B. Pataki

Born in Romania of Hungarian descent, I came to the United states in the 80’s. Having moved to LA in 2003, where I graduated from the Art Institute, with a focus on Media Arts and Animation. Following a lifelong passion of traditional photography, I began developing a keen eye for matte painting, I was on a quest to find my own artistic voice. Read more>>

Niki Saccareccia

I was turned on to yoga and meditation when I was 12. During classes, I realized how my perception affected things like balance and focus. Fast forward eight years – I was in my last year of undergrad, doing research on drugs, behavior, and the nature of the mind. Read more>>

Pat Bigley

In 1997, I found my way into an Executive Search Company located in the Valley. The company had a small division working in the computer game industry which I thought was very interesting. Previously I was a musical talent agent and a Hollywood Talent Agent so recruiting (staffing) in the game industry seemed to be right down my alley. Read more>>

Kharmony Fortune

I am a certified foster mother and caregiver of two beautiful boys/brothers. I am also the youngest African American woman CEO of a Talent agency in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in the South Bronx, NY to a single mother who struggled with a cocaine addiction my whole life. Read more>>

Julio Ruiz

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, I started working in advertisement during my college years and quickly was upgraded to Art Director. I love to design. Once I got married, my wife and I – we used to skydive at the time-, wanted to develop a company of our own. Read more>>

Melanie Martin

I’ve been a teacher many years and worked for a high-end private school. I ran the Pre-k through 6th grade and participated in everything from actually teaching to training the teachers, developing curriculum, marketing, finance, and much more. Read more>>

Jodi and Amanda Karpel

When Amanda was younger, we went to a boutique at her school. Amanda asked if, the following year, she could sell something at the boutique. At the time, we had nothing to sell. At about the same time, in 2011, Jodi’s employer announced a major reorganization and reduction in force called Project Rewire. Read more>>

Otha Davis III

Most know me by my artist & company name, Vakseen. I’m a visual artist, curator, music producer, songwriter, music executive, and I also manage talent. I was born an artist so I’ve been into the arts for as long as I can remember. Read more>>

Gregory King

I am the owner and lead Sound Designer at King Soundworks, a Los Angeles based Sound Design and Mixing company. I have been the Sound Designer and/or Mixer on over 70 films including The Founder, Saving Mr. Banks, Battleship, Hancock, Friday Night Lights and The Insider which received an Oscar nomination for Best Sound. Read more>>

Stu Shostak

I was always interested in television from the time I was about 9 or 10 years old. I knew as a kid that tickets to television show tapings were always free and as soon as I got my driver’s license in 1972, I started going to as many TV show tapings as I could attend. Read more>>

Danielle Vitolo

I’ve always loved helping others. It’s in my nature to nurture. I finished massage school in 2002. I’ve worked in all aspects of the job, from day spas to chiropractic offices. I taught anatomy and physiology along with different types of modalities at a massage school for 10 years. Read more>>

Lori Sullivan

I have been on the heroine’s journey throughout my life, with the deepest calling for change occurring in the past 6 years.  I found myself in a state of hopelessness in many areas of my life, in fact nothing made me happy except my companion, my golden retriever Taos!  Read more>>

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