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The Valley 10.16.2017

Miyoko Fujimori

By the age of 19, I was married, had my real estate license, owned a home, and was embarking upon my first business. That’s when it all imploded. I realized I wasn’t happy, and was suffering from a nervous breakdown. Read more>>

Randy Parsons

I had always played guitar. In my teens, it was definitely part of my identity. But after college, I gave it up. I was 28, taking a shower, when I was overcome with a vision, a vision of myself building guitars for some of the biggest names in music, including my childhood hero Jimmy Page. Read more>>

Shawna and Robert Matthews

Robert and I moved to LA from Colorado 7 years ago. Robert was already successful in Colorado Real Estate, and I was in Fashion. I was given the opportunity to work in film in Hollywood so we moved our whole life here. Read more>>

Eddy Kopernik

It is Truly A Life Long Story. I was a wakeful little kid. I recognized my own “Awakening” and experienced my full “Self-Realization” when I was only 7 yrs. old. I’ve been exploring it and practicing within it ever since. Read more>>

Shota Mkrtumyan

Founded by Shota, Critical Care Training Center is committed to saving and improving lives by offering free health education courses to all residents in Los Angeles County. After serving in the United States Army Infantry as combat life saver from 1996 – 2000, He further his commitment to saving lives by graduating nursing school and working as a trauma nurse in various emergency rooms throughout Los Angeles. Read more>>

Jonathan Puu

I began training martial arts straight out of High School here in Ventura, California. After only 1 year, I found myself in Thailand at 19 years old. I had a moment out there where I knew I wanted to do this for a long time. When I returned, I pursued a Thai trainer, as the martial art of Muay Thai originates in Thailand. Read more>>

Tammy Nguyen and Faby Niswonger

We both have a passion for food because it always brings people together and creates memories! We went to culinary school to gain knowledge, gather experience, and to perfect our craft in the field. A few years later, we met each other at a catering company and learned that we both had a desire to prepare healthy, yet flavorful dishes and to make it convenient for others to do the same. Read more>>

Dr. Gabriel Y. Edery, D.C.

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and I was always interested in health, sports and the study of the human body. I spent most of my extra time in and out of school with friends playing sports. Read more>>

Jessica Whitehead

My journey to become a therapist started in high school. I took AP Psychology and all of a sudden, the world and the people in it started to make more sense to me. It was like I found the secret to understanding why humans think, act and feel the way they do. Read more>>

Katy Golbar

Golden Therapy Center was created in 2015 as a group practice with highly skilled clinicians that work well together with different specializations in the field of Marriage & Family Therapy. Our goal is to provide support to the family system while at the same time consulting with one another to provide the best treatment for our clients. Read more>>

Kristie Reeves

I came to Los Angeles in the fall of 2000 with the dream of becoming an actress, started attending a three year degree acting academy while going out for jobs. I booked some really fun things (working on TV shows such as “The Division” and “Las Vegas” as well as dancing for Jennifer Lopez), but didn’t really feel satisfied. Read more>>

Gregory Falatek

I’ve been creating art since I was a kid but Belmont Studios began once I moved from the Philadelphia to Los Angeles. I had the chance to meet some very talented artists and it sparked the idea of launching a production house that specialized in film, fashion and music. Read more>>

Gil Priel and Eli Tene

Eli and I have known each other for a very long time, but we joined forces in 1990 to create the Peak Corporate Network. We both have many years of experience in the real estate industry, but I come from a background as a principal with assets and Eli came from the service side of the business. Read more>>

Dr. Brent and Dr. Tiffany Caplan

Dr. Tiffany: We met in graduate school where we were both pursuing our careers in the health field. Growing up we were both naturally curious about health and more natural routes. Our interest in functional medicine really sparked when we attended a post-doctoral seminar on functional medicine which opened our eyes to a whole new realm of knowledge. Read more>>

Matthew Price

I’d been working in film and television for about decade in various positions. I enjoyed working on big productions, like 24 and Agents of SHIELD, but it felt limiting, too. I was always a small cog in a giant machine. Read more>>

Marc M. Kerner, MD, FACS

Our practice was started in 1995 in Northridge, California focusing on Facial Plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery. I am double board certified in Facial Plastic surgery and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery after surgical training at UCLA. Read more>>

Ianthe Mauro

Once upon a time… Ianthe’s kindergarten teacher lit a candle before lunch at her Waldorf School, taking a moment to give gratitude. Lighting a candle became her way of giving thanks, focusing on an intention, creating warm fragrant ambiance, and calming down at the end of a long day. Read more>>

Maria McCarthy

I have always loved photography, and was my family photographer at a very young age. I took classes in high school, and went to college for photography. Out of college I worked for a wedding & portrait studio in Old Greenwich CT, where I learned classic portraiture and lighting. Read more>>

Ryan Chen

I founded RSE Media in 2012. After my start in the music industry I knew I had the talents to expand my revenue avenues beyond songwriting, so I started a tech company that could service my business partners, clients, friends etc. Everyone needed marketing, everyone needed web or app development. Read more>>

Ara Iglesias and Kevin Granados

Peekaboo media started with the idea of ​​being the monster of social networks. Being able to provide services that help businesses compete against the monstrous companies outside, who hire expensive packages at most agencies. However, small business owners cannot pay large amounts for digital marketing. Read more>>

Lydia Floyd

I am Founder and Executive Director of Hands4Hope LA. Our mission is to help single parents and their children. My mother was a single mother with 4 children and Epilepsy. We have been fulfilling our mission for 17 years. Read more>>

Joe Gonzalez

I spent over 30 years as an Executive Level Manager in the retail industry. In 2015 I started researching franchise opportunities that I thought would be a good fit for myself as well as for California. After going through the “discovery” process with several companies, I landed on DetailXPerts. Read more>>

Andy’s Pet Grooming & Daycare

For as long as I can remember I was an animal person. I always had a dog at home. I loved playing with animals and I never had a fear of animals. Growing up I wanted to turn my love for animals into a passion. I realized early on that I had a knack for working with animals. Read more>>

Owen Powell

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I realized my love for cars early by being able to identify almost every car on the road anytime we were traveling as a family. I took vocational high school auto class, which was the only reason I liked going to school! I was lucky enough to get a part time job at age 15 in an auto parts store, and have been in that industry my entire life. Read more>>

Michelle Delgado

I grew up with art being born and raised in West Hollywood and my father is an artist. I went to school for teaching, but when my kids were in elementary school I took on the role as one of the art docents for the students and taught and created art projects alongside another mom and the teachers. Read more>>

Cesar Ranuschio

Since our family purchased this auto body facility in 1999, we have pledged to our customers our commitment to excellence and total satisfaction. We treat everyone like family here at BodyShop661 Inc. and we will help you to the best of our ability. Read more>>

Gabriella Skollar

My interest in wildlife started when I was around five years old. My family had a little garden by the apartment house where I grew up, and I spent most of my time in this little garden, watching animals. My parents let the grass grow up high, and with the different trees, bushes, and flowers, it meant a jungle for me. Read more>>

Shelley Gottlieb

I have loved animals my whole life and always knew I wanted to work with them one day. I never really knew my niche with animals until I worked for a dog walking company back in 2007. I knew how much I loved it and thought it would be great to have my own company so I could do it full time. Read more>>

Helya Glen

The Studio, a functional training gym, opened in 2014 with an emphasis on intensity, strength and flexibility. In our facility you’ll find a full rig with squat racks and pull up bars, battle ropes, a sled, gymnastic rings, kettlebells as well as and yoga blankets and blocks. Read more>>

Stanley Lin

It wasn’t exactly like Bill or Steve, but it was in my own dingy room the summer after graduating from UC Irvine in 2000, that I launched my first web project – a coupon deal site, where I would be paid % commission for each sale I generated for the publisher (Brand) through their web store. Read more>>

Curt Castagna

I was 14 years old and my father, who was a WWII aviator, dropped me off at the Long Beach Airport where I landed my first job washing aircraft and fueling. I learned to fly at 15, got my license at 16 and after deciding I didn’t want to pursue an airline career, I looked for opportunities in airport and aviation management. Read more>>

Jeneth Rundle

I am the owner/director of Ventura Yoga Studio in Ventura, California. This journey started when I first began practicing the yoga of Indra Devi in 1970 while attending San Bernardino Valley College. I found a path to emotional stability and physical strength through yoga. Read more>>

Gail Serna

I was the youngest in my family. By the time I was born, my parents were already having problems and I grew up around a lot of tension and anxiety. Adding to the anxiety (although we were raised Jewish) we had no belief in God. Read more>>

Sarah Elharrar and Chaya Israily

We started 4 years ago, Chaya my partner called me up and said let’s start a clothing line! We drove to Down town LA, parked and had no clue where to go, we met a middle eastern man from Turkey and asked if he knew where we could make samples…he said follow me! Read more>>

Vicki Botnick

I was the kid at recess who, instead of joining the dodgeball game, sat against the wall while another kid told me what they were sad about that day. I was the teen who spent hours on the phone listening to my friend’s boyfriend woes. Read more>>

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