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The Valley 1.8.17

Lexi Liebert

As a child, one of my favorite things to do was to go to the hardware store with my dad. We’d buy all sorts of tools and materials, which we would bring home to create anything from a two-person scooter to a go-cart; and while school wasn’t my favorite thing, I took advantage of any opportunity to turn a simple project assignment into an excuse to build something totally over-the-top. My lifelong love of crafting and building ultimately led me to attend art school. I went to FIDM and studied visual communications; but after working in that industry for a few years I decided to change career paths and become a preschool teacher, where I put my creativity to use in a whole new way. All the while, I continued to be my family and friends’ go-to person when they needed custom-made party décor, artwork, costumes, etc. Eventually, I decided that as much as I loved teaching, I wanted to take a shot at turning my hobby into my career. The rest is history. Read More>>


Judy has been a professional actress now for 38 years, showcasing her skills and talents in over 375 commercials and in over 90 roles for film and television. She is a published author of the book I BOOKED IT! The Commercial Actors Handbook. Read More>>

Blaire Kimball

Originally called LASUNSHINE in 2012, we began as a handmade decor company that used vintage & recycled items, turning them into event/home decor. To increase our inventory selection and sales, my husband and I began to collect vintage furniture, and in our small rented garage, refurbish them into beautiful pieces. After acquiring many furniture and decor items, we decided selling wasn’t our niche, but after a few friends asking to borrow items for photoshoots and events, renting vintage was definitely in our future! Read More>>

Eliezer Brown

As a family owned business located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, servicing Los Angeles County and surrounding areas, customer service and perfection to detail is our primary goal. Read More>>

DeAndra Giselle

I started the salon June 01, 2013 because I wanted to create a relaxing environment that allows hairstylist to be artistic, and allow the clients to feel and see their beauty (hence the name B.A.R beauty, artistry, relaxation). I believe we have survived this past 3 years with excellent customer service, professionalism, and really caring for the health of the client’s hair. For us, it goes deeper than just doing hair but making sure that the client has a beautiful look that they can maintain. Read More>>

Jakob Pahima

Back in 2011, Adore Cosmetic’s research teams have discovered that stem cells harvested from organic produce which is generally richer in nutrients than mass-harvested fruits and vegetables found in most supermarkets have profound impact on our skin, but most of all the stem cells from a rare Swiss Apple was the breakthrough of our Anti-Aging Skincare Line. Using our patented plant stem cell formula, Adore Cosmetics products take advantage of the epigenetic factors of resilient plant stem cells. Adore Cosmetics represents the most advanced breakthrough in anti-aging found in the beauty industry today – and it’s yours exclusively to adore. Read More>>

Betsy diFrancesca

Before moving to L.A. I was living in New York City and was an aspiring singer/actress. I spent 10 years there, acted and sang in some off-Broadway shows, sang in a disco band , but mostly waitressed. I had to make a change and always loved the applying makeup part of performing so, I decided to become a makeup artist. There weren’t many schools in NYC back in 1984, but I found a class at the Parson’s School of Design. It was a makeup class ( learning how to do it for yourself) but I let the teacher know that I wanted to become a makeup artist. He told me to get a polaroid camera ( to take before and after photos) and practice on my friends. He then suggested that I take the photos to the modeling agencies to see if they had new models who wanted pictures for their portfolios. I also checked with photographers to see if they needed a makeup artist who was willing to “test” with them in exchange for photos. Also a friend of mine worked at Self Magazine and I would go with her on shoots to observe the hired makeup artists. Eventually, after getting my portfolio together, she hired me for some “real people” type shoots. My first big job happened when a hair stylist friend of mine was hiring a team of hair and makeup artists for the 2nd Annual MTV Awards. In 1986, I moved to L.A. and was represented by the Zenobia Agency. I started out as an assistant where I learned not only makeup but hair styling as well. I worked on commercials, music videos, and photo shoots, eventually working on my own. After 9/11 happened, I decided my priorities needed to change. Read More>>

Carla Kazimir

I graduated from Mount St. Mary’s with my degree in physical therapy in 1985. I initially went to work at Sherman Oaks Hospital. I worked there from 1984 as an intern and then in 1985 as a physical therapist until 1994. I then went to work in Home Health and Nursing home care for 15 years. In 2009 I decided to open my private practice – North Valley Physical Therapy. Read More>>

Alexia Swan

I’m just a country girl from Northern Colorado. And although I entertained the possibility of different career paths at one point or another, I was probably destined to end up in the beauty industry from the mere fact that I always had scissors in my hands and would cut anything with hair. From my Barbies to the dog, to my little brother, to my friends… sometimes without even their permission or knowledge. Back in Fort Collins, we had a long time family hair stylist named Ken Reed. And in my teenage years, I use to hang out at his salon and pepper him with question after question, eager to learn anything and everything about the industry. And to this day, he is still my role model and a great family friend, who has always offered great advice and feedback. Read More>>

Shayda Bakhshian

I could say I started back when I was 2 years old and one day was left alone for enough time to manage to cut my own hair. Which led to cutting, coloring with food coloring and the by accident curling/ melting of my Barbie around age 9. Read More>>

Roya Adjory

Nori’s Eco salon is a family owned and operated small business and has been serving the community for the last 27 years. About 14 years ago, my sister’s constant allergic reactions upon entering the salon and during her work hours instigated a search for answers that would help her cope. Read More>>

Erin Hollis

Erin Hollis started LIFTED skin care in 2009 after 8 years successfully designing and manufacturing her own international clothing lines. Erin quickly grew her new skin care business with hundreds of trusted clients on treatment series and 5 stars reviews. Read More>>

Eboni Berry

As the Founder and CEO of Hair Divas Inc., I started with the goal of raising the bar in the Ethnic Hair Care community as well as to provide the world with excellent products and services in the hair industry. I’m a licensed Cosmetologist, specializing in Hair Extensions and Ethnic Hair Care. I’ve been doing hair extensions for over 10 years and have been performing ethnic hairstyling techniques and trends most of my life. Read More>>


I used to watch my 2 daughters play volleyball at a recreational park where they both started to love the game. 2 years ago when I refinanced my house I asked the girls what they wanted for the extra cash that we had and both wanted to play club volleyball where each would cost around $3000 – $4000 some clubs more. My girls loving the game would just play wherever they can – playing both recreational park and club volleyball at the same time. Read More>>

Kyle Billingsley

I started studying Pa Kua when I moved to Los Angeles in 2005 and was immediately hooked. I started with Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Chinese Yoga, and Edge Weapons all at the same time. I was at the school 10-20 hours a week and fell in love with the family atmosphere, noncompetitive nature, and the idea that I was studying techniques and theories that were useful for everyday life and health. Read More>>

Conrad Spriggs

I started coaching youth basketball program in 2005 after a knee injury.
I couldn’t walk for about 6 months and at that time I started going to local parks in the area just started seeing kids playing the wrong way so begin passing out Flyers in my area at local schools. A couple of kids started to show to my workout at Reseda HS. Now in 2016 the warriors basketball have over 50 players in our program thru out the years in multiple players that now play Division 1, division 2 or JC All Around the US including Serigne Athj, Juhwan Harris, Bear Henderson, Antwan Monroe. Read More>>

Kurt Hoberg

First established in 1967 in Eastern Ventura, Conejo Valley Archers is a non-profit private archery club located in Simi Valley adjacent to Tapo Canyon Park, where we lease 80 acres from Ventura County. The club first started with a group of archers that were interested in creating a National Field Archery sanctioned club that would also provide them a nice, well-maintained place to shoot. Read More>>

Alex Urosevich

Basketball has always been an important staple in my life. It has been the one outlet I can channel to ease my mind, body, and soul. Ever since I was young enough to pick up a ball, basketball was always going to be in my life, whether as a player or a coach. I began coaching youth basketball after playing for 25 years as a kid and into high school where I played 2 years overseas after I graduated high school. Read More>>

Vehans Ayvazi

After high school basketball, I wanted to remain close to the game as I continued my academics. I began coaching in recreations leagues and I met a group of kids that were extremely passionate about the game and this motivated me to get them together to form an AAU team. After some success, more and more players wanted to be a part of LA Select so we grew into what we are today. Read More>>

Claire Mills

A graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater Film & Television, Claire started playing guitar for children’s events right after college. “I was temping, and the office manager was looking for entertainment for her son’s 4th birthday party. My co-worker suggested that I do it,” says Claire, now a well-established children’s entertainer out of Lake Balboa in the San Fernando Valley. “It seemed like a good idea, so I bought a guitar and a Raffi song book that weekend, and ended up doing the party!” Read More>>

Pilar Muñoz

My passion for rhythmic gymnastics started in Spain back in 1982. I began competing at the age of 7, winning several and consecutive times the State and Regional Championships. I competed nationally for almost 10 years. After I graduated from the University of Granada, Spain, I moved to the U.S. and continued my studies in Physiological Science at the University of Arizona. My profound childhood passion brought me back to my roots and, I started coaching my own rhythmic gymnastics team here in LA. I have been coaching and choreographing for level 4 through elite since 1995. Read More>>

Anessa Sanchez

I have been passionate about cooking since I was a little girl. My first recollection of cooking was when I was 3 and loved to help my grandma in the kitchen, it became natural to cook everyday in the kitchen since then. I decided as an adult that my passion is what I wanted to chase as a career and then enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu culinary Arts. This was the best decision I have ever made. Once I was in culinary school I started working in the catering industry to gain some professional knowledge. Once I graduated from culinary school I started working as a chef at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites that’s when I started Savor Organico Private Chef/Catering and worked at both. I worked at the Westin for three years before I said goodbye and decided to work full time at Savor Organico. It was a hard decision to leave a secure job but owning your own business is so much more rewarding. Read More>>

Bob Glouberman

I and Larry Toffler are the founders of Fantastic Race, the premiere scavenger hunt/treasure hunt/event planning corporation in the world. Since 1995, Fantastic Race has created sophisticated and award winning events for all types of players and organizations – from technologically intricate corporate retreats to ingenious, sophisticated children’s parties. Previous clients, participants, and partners include IBM, Google, Katalyst Films, Neil Patrick Harris, Jack Black, Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Martin Short, the entire cast of the Amazing Race season 14, Showtime, and the Stanford University Alumni Association. Fantastic Race has four regularly running races in the Los Angeles area, recurring races at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, Galveston, Texas, and Kona, Hawaii. In 2005, LARF, inc. created the Amazing Cozumel (Mexico) Race, a daily race and official shore excursion of partner Carnival Cruise Lines, that has hosted over 25,000 people. Read More>>

Kyle Rea

cREAtive Castle Studios was founded as a community network of creative specialists to help businesses, brands, agencies and productions save time and investment when hiring the trusted talent they need at the top level. It was started with a few creatives that decided working together was easier than trekking alone. Since then we’ve added much more talent and have expanded several times. Read More>>

Arthur Bagumyan

Magic Jump Rentals was founded by father Andranik Bagumyan in 1996. We started off manufacturing inflatables and selling nationwide, but later started renting ourselves in the local area. We branched off the two companies years later making them separate entities. Today Magic Jump Rentals is managed by Andranik’s son, Arthur Bagumyan, while the manufacturing is managed by the older son Sarmen Bagumyan. Magic Jump Rentals has grown to 3 locations, currently serving the greater Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Inland Empire areas. Read More>>

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