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The Valley 05.15.2018

Megan Miller

Being born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, the California landscape has been my main inspiration. I’ve always been an extremely visual person. Growing up, I remember constantly being distracted by the world and would look at things at a macro perspective. Read more>>

Saren Stiegel

Hardly been a smooth road. Every business is a giant experiment. You put out a product, service, or content and you see how it resonates with your people. Do they respond? Does it solves their problems? If so, to what extent? Founding a company meaning a lot of trial and error in answering those questions. Read more>>

Jeremy Long

I was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania. So small you could walk from one end of the town to the other. Well, I suppose you could technically walk from one end to the other of any town, but my town was so small that you could do it and still have time to catch the morning news, if you catch my drift. Read more>>

Nisha Garigarn

My co-founders and I are a group of friends that wanted a place to get together in Manhattan and work on our projects. We tried to meet up at coffee shops, but found that it was a huge struggle to get work done there. Read more>>

Shani Barel

I, like many other photographers, got a camera for my 14th birthday, that was a LONG time ago, film days, it was the Canon T50 and I started taking pictures and fell in love. Since then, its practically the only thing I know how to do. Read more>>

Michelle Newman

AHEAD With Horses is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year and we were one of the first therapeutic riding programs. Our Founder, Liz Helms started the developmental therapeutic vaulting program back in 1968. Read more>>

Dustin Ardine

Hello my name is Dustin Ardine and I’m an actor in Los Angeles. I started acting when I was 6 years old after I was picked out of the audience at Universal Studios to take part in their Star Trek Experience and have been acting ever since. Read more>>

Cheryl Bookout

My path as an artist has led me on many adventures. For many years I was a clothing manufacturer designing my own line and seeing my designs hang on the racks of major department stores across the US, such as Nordstrom and Macy’s. Read more>>

Ron Cohen

I went to University to study Drama and Dance, then came out to LA to pursue a career as an actor. After a plethora of years working in the theater – mostly acting and a bit of producing – a few friends from University had started a Production company and asked me if I wanted to help them produce a film. Read more>>

Chris Vanderhorst

When I turned 30, I decided to leave North Carolina and move to San Diego with my best friend, Jarnard Sutton. The beginning was tough, I was competing with younger filmmakers who had connections from film school. All I had was Jarnard…and Youtube. Read more>>

Nunu Roca

I am originally from a very small fishermen’s village off the north Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Growing up I was able to attend an American School from kindergarten to seventh grade, where I learned to speak, read and write in English, and where I was first introduced to theater, and completely fascinated by it! Read more>>

Arielle Worona

I moved out to Los Angeles a few months after graduating from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. I was a Television, Radio and Film major who couldn’t wait to escape some of the coldest winters in America to live in the warmth. Read more>>

Paula Sims

I began leather wrapping crystals about five years ago to pass the time while I was laid up with a broken knee. Originally, I made necklaces and gave them away to friends and family. People started to inquire as to where they could purchase the necklaces so with the help of my daughter, I opened an Etsy shop and Age of Aquarius Designs was born. Read more>>

Fred Olen Ray

I moved to LA in 1981 with $800 and a 4 year old son, Christopher. I rode the bus 3 hours each day to be able to drop my son off at a $35 a week daycare and then get to my $5.00 an hour job… I attempted to get films made on the weekends. By 1983 I had a feature film playing in theaters. Read more>>

Christian Mauerer

Hi there, I’m Christian 🙂 Glad you’re stopping by. I personally was always/am still on the quest of finding happiness in my life. I’ve went through – what I think – the normal stages of life: Going to school, studying at a college, all to find out that it doesn’t really bring me the fulfilment I was hoping for. Read more>>

Cristal Logothetis

Carry The Future began on September 15th, 2015 when Founder, Cristal Logothetis, saw the heart-wrenching picture of Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian child who drowned while his family was trying to reach safety in Greece. Read more>>

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