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The Valley 04.17.2018

Chrissy Kling , Nicole Levine

Uniting her passion for forging relationships with strategic marketing know-how, Chrissy has built one of the most unique agencies known for building connections between brands, celebrities, and consumers. With deep-rooted experience in the fashion, celebrity, and marketing worlds, she is redefining traditional product placement with Good Carma Studio. Read more>>

Kristen Simon

3 years ago, I was working for Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, managing their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) programs, when a co-worker approached me with an idea to partner up and provide pop-culture themed event planning services. Read more>>

Jack Witt

Well I’ve actually been a health and fitness coach since 2002, working with kids, adults and seniors. I’ve also provided worksite wellness products and programs to small businesses here in the Valley and I occasionally speak at schools and colleges to students and organize healthy community events. Read more>>

Devin Cutter

Born and raised in southern New Hampshire, I first got involved with video and photography at the age of fourteen making short snowboard videos friends. It was a visual medium I immediately fell in love with. I graduated from Keene State College in 2014 with a B.A. in Film Production. Read more>>

Megan Roy

I’ve always been a person with creative hobbies, but growing up I didn’t know that building my own job around those things was an option. I’m originally from New England, and went to college in Boston where I got a degree in film and television production, which prompted a move to Los Angeles after graduation. Read more>>

Christal Huth

I used to love the little cross stitch kits when I was younger. That’s how I was first introduced to the hoop. Through high school and college I practiced various forms of art, but I still felt like I was searching for ‘my’ medium. I remember standing in a craft store, in front of all of the cross stitch kits, wanting to sew, but disliking all the patterns. Read more>>

Chris Bryan

Photography has always been something I loved to do but never made a commitment to it. My main focus since college has been the culinary industry. I moved to LA about 3 and a half years ago to expand my culinary experience, with the goal in mind to eventually own a restaurant/bar back in D.C./Maryland. Read more>>

Kipp Tribble

I started in radio, but also stayed busy in the theatre world, performing in lots of local productions while writing screenplays on the side. Once I had a few plays under my belt, I decided to make the leap to film – which had always been the goal. Read more>>

Katrina Jayne

In the winter of 2008, I was a college freshman working towards becoming a lawyer, but then I found myself on a snowboarding trip and could not stop taking photos with my point and shoot camera. On this trip, a friend mentioned to me that their sister was currently attending Brooks, a photography school in Santa Barbara. Read more>>

Polet Zargarian, Elna Kordijan

The way Arrows & Bliss Design started is actually an amazing story that we would love to share! We met about two years ago while working at a different job and quickly became friends when we realized how similar we are when it comes to creative interests. Read more>>

Lior Haykeen, Tal Baruch

We met at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise) in Downtown LA. We were both a part of their Professional Designation Merchandise Marketing AA program. While we were at school together, it was clear that we get along well. Read more>>

Besidone Atsemudiara

I first came to LA several years ago, so I could soak myself into this world where films were constantly being made and learn all I needed to know about the craft of filmmaking. Before then though, I had been thinking about going to New York, because New York is also a really great place for a filmmaker and creative to be, but thankfully all the good things I had heard and read about the weather in LA won me over. Read more>>

Jenny Quicksall

I began my career in Management Consulting for a healthcare company here in Southern CA. The work was extremely analytical and I soon started to day dream about owning my own company and what that would look like. Read more>>

Gary Taylor

The Journey is one that starts in my childhood. From the 3rd grade to present date music has been a part of my life. From playing in various school bands or the school orchestra, I’ve had a run with several instruments… Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet, and Tuba. Read more>>

Rev. Gillian V Harris

From the time I was very young, I knew this incarnation was going to be a spectacular ride! SPECTACULAR, I say!!! I knew this time was merely a perspective – a chapter I refer to as the human experience. I loved/love mine. And I remember, very young, as a teenager, being very captivated by someone else’s life story. Read more>>

Lindsay Brazil

It has been 5 years since I got my Nikon, 4 years since I started Toxic Love Photography and a little over a year since I started Tainted Lust Photography. In my mind I have always been a creative person. I always loved drawing and writing when I was younger. Read more>>

Kari Taylor

I moved to LA almost 9 years ago after graduating from Elon University in North Carolina. I graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. My plan was never to actually live in LA. I always thought I’d end up in Atlanta or New York, DC even. But I moved out here with low expectations. Read more>>

Jabari Moore

Heavily influenced by music producers like DJ Battlecat, DJ Premier, and J. Dilla, I generally approach my creative process using unconventional sounds and dissecting record samples while marrying them to classic West Coast Funk influences. Read more>>

Jessica Davis

Growing up in a home with parents who are natural.From birth until age 12 my mother was my hair stylist and every Saturday was shampoo and style hair day for her so that I could be pretty for church on Sunday. Read more>>

Richard Fadera

Shuttered Light Photography & Video is mainly composed by the Fadera brothers: Richard and Robbie together with their talented team. Richard Fadera established Shuttered Light Photography in 2010. Before pursuing his passion in photography, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and worked in a Semiconductor company. Read more>>

Evelyn Alexander

In my first career, I managed political campaigns. While that was my job, my hobby was interviewing students for my alma mater, Johns Hopkins. I interviewed students, visited high schools, represented Hopkins at college fairs, and trained other alumni on how to be involved in the admission process. Read more>>

Mary Anna Rappazzo

I’m a Los Angeles native. I was born deaf and grew up in a hearing family. I was raised completely “oral,” which means that I was immersed in the hearing world and learned to communicate only by lipreading; sign language and Deaf culture were not encouraged. Read more>>

Tressa Pope

I originally moved to Los Angeles after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Carnegie Mellon University. I landed a Talent Agent right away and began my career as an Actor. I joined the Screen Actor’s Guild in 1998 and worked off and on in Television, Film and Theatre. Read more>>

Kristine de la Cruz

There’s a reason why they say, “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it” when it comes to entrepreneurship. As an employee, there is almost an unspoken comfort with having someone direct your objectives of your position. As a business owner, you drive the narrative and story of your business. Read more>>

Antonia Roman

Antonia Roman graduated from Queens College with a Double Major in Drama Theater & Dance and Media Studies. After College, she started working as a Production Assistant in New York. She then went on to producing some independent short films. Read more>>

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