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The Valley 04.10.2018

Vidjay Beerepoot

Born in India, adopted and raised in The Netherlands, I was always into music. When I was a kid I used to play on an old organ my parents had in their living room. It was one of those organs that worked by pumping air with your feet in order to generate sound. My parents sent me to music school and I started to learn to play the piano. Read more>>

Leah Burbank

I’ve always been passionate about art, and fashion is one of my favorite ways to create it. I started fashion blogging in 2014, right after graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz, I moved down to Los Angeles and fell in love with the city. Read more>>

Yossi Machluf

I always loved the world of events restaurants bars so i always worked in restaurants when i came to Los Angeles in 2005 i already had 4 years of experience in hospitality from bartender to baker to a grill man to a restaurant management – i did it all. Read more>>

Jacob Yoffee

My father is a U.S. Marine and, while growing up, we moved all over the world. In the U.S. we spent time in almost every region and my high school years were spent in Okinawa, Japan. That allowed us to visit places like South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore & Thailand. Read more>>

Christopher Johnson, Sandy Johnson

Hearts of Jade story is about walking away from a seemingly valued path to follow a Heartfelt path. In the spring of 2012 Sandy and I took a very needed respit from our Health care careers and caring for my elder father with dementia. Our getaway took us to Cambria on the central coast of California. Read more>>

Susanna Litwack

When I was 14 years old, I started volunteering at the Burbank City Attorney’s office, which was the first time I was exposed to the practice of law, and, as an immigrant myself, to a professional environment. I was there for two years, which was a tremendous opportunity for me, and after that I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. Read more>>

Beverly Palmieri

I worked for another business management for 8 years. Then I decided to start my own business. I literally turned the key to my first office on my 40th birthday. That was my “mid-life” crisis. We are now in our 20th year. Our business has grown strictly by referral. We have never advertised. Read more>>

David Burgett

As a kid, I always had an interest in the martial arts, my Dad used to take my Brother and I along to his Judo practice when we were really little and, although I don’t remember anything specific, I think that planted the seed. Read more>>

Matthew Leutwyler

In June of 2012, I took time off from my production company and, with my friend Nichols St. Louis, traveled to Rwanda to volunteer at the Noel Orphanage in Gysenyi. The trip’s impact on my life cannot be easily explained. Read more>>

Jane Cassidy

Established in March 2017, Plain Jane Cookie Company is a small home kitchen operation that began with a small Valley soccer mom clientele but is now catering parties all over Southern California. Starting a cookie company has presented a quite a few challenges. The startup costs and amount of time it requires to run the business is staggering. Read more>>

Lucy Elsi

I remember days when I couldn’t apply an eyeliner on my eyes and every time I asked my sister to do it for me. I started to watch YouTube makeup tutorials every day. I spent countless hours on YouTube, learning basic tips and tricks about makeup. I asked my sister, my mom and friends to be my models. Read more>>

Carrie Murray

Carrie Murray is the founder of BRA – Business Relationship Alliance, a network of powerful women devoted to advancing female-owned businesses by providing the community, collaboration, mentorship, empowerment and support needed to flourish as an entrepreneur. Read more>>

Rita Boccuzzi

I started quest of financial empowerment three decades ago, as a child I always had curiosity about what was the difference between those who seem to be financially wealthy than those who were not. I am a first generation American born to a family of Italian immigrants. Growing up I was taught to save, save, save by my parents which I did. Read more>>

Lynne West

I grew up in Brooklyn NY and always knew that I wanted a career that made a difference. I was the one all my friends talked too about their problems, some of them much older than myself. After obtaining a Master’s in Counseling I moved a lot and had a private practice in Michigan, worked at a Crisis Center and then got to California. Read more>>

Mark LaValle, Jordan Lane

At Hatch Cafe & Market, Restaurateur Mark LaValle displays his passion for hospitality by bringing a superior level of service and experience to his new eatery in Agoura Hills. La Valle was first introduced to the restaurant industry when he caught the eye of nightlife impresario Rande Gerber while serving as Director of Operations for Giorgio Armani. Read more>>

Dina Newman

Although not diagnosed until later in life with OCD, I was EXTREMELY organized as a child. I would rather organize my drawers than play with toys. Fast-forward to my early 20’s. I found myself working in a law firm and just loved it. I wound up working in the legal industry for 29 years. Read more>>

Brian Yetwin

I needed a stool for everything when I first started organizing at age 6. Even then, I kept form and function in mind because I’m that special kind of weirdo that loves to organize and design. My parents owned a toy store – not such a rough life for a kid, especially considering my passion for organizing, design, and decor. Read more>>

Blake Graves

My father had this giant VHS camera that he let me play with back when VHS was the latest and greatest. My friends and I would film funny videos with it and we even made this TV show we called Magic For The Real World. On that show we performed tricks and stunts with the help of some creative editing. Read more>>

Heather Jeffcoat

When I was in physical therapy school at Duke, I was exposed to this field of pelvic health. It was honestly something I had never considered as I had never heard of it before being in that program! After my first course, I knew this was the population I wanted to treat and I was able to make positive gains with women with pregnancy pain and bladder control issues right away. Read more>>

Nicolas Repetto

I’ve always been involved with music-making and composition growing up, but it wasn’t until college that it finally clicked for me that I wanted to be a film composer. During this time, I started paying closer attention to the films I was watching, in particularly, the scores. Read more>>

Chris Hesse

I moved to southern California in ’94 to pursue a career in music. I answered ads in The Recycler for “drummer wanted” until I fell in with the group that would become Hoobastank. We got signed after 5+ years and put out our first major label release in 2001. Read more>>

Rachel Nelson

Nerd Herd started last year in April as a side project of mine and my fiance, Wade. I’m a bit or a renaissance woman and love making things. We both are nerds who notice a lack or mature or functional nerdy merch. I constantly upcycle clothing for myself and Wade recycles glass to etch into pieces of art. Read more>>

Kimberly Maevers

As a life-long animal lover and pet owner I was faced with a challenge in 2009 when my pup was living with cancer but needed medications twice a day to manage her illness. I was preparing to travel and asked my veterinarian for a recommendation of a pet care provider…and she was at a loss as well. Read more>>

Megan Aclan

I began my career 10 ½ years ago working with individuals with autism and related developmental disabilities. However, I found that everyone could benefit from behavioral services, not just people with special needs. Read more>>

Stephen Silver

I started my journey after high school working as a caricature Artist at Sea World in San Diego. After that, I worked at several Theme Parks around the country and all this experience became my training ground and schooling. Read more>>

Deborah Shames

After completing film school, I began my professional career as a producer of public affairs at WTTW-TV, the public television station in Chicago. There I produced programs in the health care arena before moving to the Bay Area, and launching my own film/television company called Focal Point Productions. Read more>>

Danika Solé

I was taught about energy work, meditation, and yoga at a very young age by my mother. These were the ways that she would encourage me to journey inward. The tools she bestowed upon to me to empower me in the knowing that anything I need, I already have, and that the answer and cure to anything, lies within. Read more>>

Katie Chin

My late mother Leeann Chin immigrated from China to Minnesota in 1956, working as a seamstress making 50 cents an hour. She had always loved to cook and one day threw a luncheon for her sewing clients in the early 70s. They were blown away by her dishes, authentic Chinese cuisine they had never tasted before as chow suey and chow mein were really the only things available to Minnesotans at the time. Read more>>

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