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The Valley 04.03.2018

Hilary Hartling

For over 15 years, my personal brand identity was defined as a film marketing executive. I worked with global entertainment brands including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone and Dreamworks and was responsible for leveraging the synergy relationships of The Walt Disney Company and strategizing and executing integrated brand partnerships with external tv and cable networks to market our film releases. I loved my job! Read more>>

Jonathan Benites-Bernardini

I’ve always had a love of food which developed more as I got older. Knowing where a specific cuisine originated, who the chef is that made it and where it was grown, are the types of things that I became interested in. I dabble in cooking – only at the level of a home cook – but spend more of my time now behind the camera capturing what others have spent time perfecting. Read more>>

Hillary Smith

I became interested in natural healthcare and healthy eating in my early 20’s. At that time it wasn’t as popular as it is now. After a decade working in the music business I decided that Natural Medicine was my true calling. Never having been a science person, I went back to college to study biology and chemistry. Read more>>

Liana Herrera

I am very passionate about everything related to weddings; so after getting engaged in December 2015, I planned our wedding from start to finish without hiring a wedding planner. We got married in March 2017 and it was the most beautiful and best day of our lives. We recently celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. Read more>>

Paul Hudak

I have been working at MUSE School as the Director of the Seed To Table program since December 2012. Spending the last 5 years developing one of America’s most progressive school garden programs has been an incredible adventure but the journey for me began over 20 years ago. Read more>>

Kenneth Alexander

Originally I went to school for art, after I graduated my sister and I decided to go to makeup school. I had no idea about makeup, but I knew I liked art and I knew I loved movies so why not combine the two worlds. So far I’ve been very fortunate with my opportunities, but that being said it hasn’t been easy. The film industry is super rough and not consistent whatsoever. Read more>>

Samuel Roja

My self realization occurred during the 2nd grade. I’ll never forget the tree I drew and all of my classmates gathering around to see my work and feeling an identity from that attention. This was the same attraction I later found as a teen within graffiti culture. Read more>>

Ben Ceccarelli

In 2008, Mary and I took part in a 30-day challenge where we cut out grains, dairy, and processed sugar and focused on eating lean meats, vegetables, and fruit. It was the Paleo Diet challenge, and we went into it hesitant, but with an open mind. Read more>>

Ernest Shahbazian

About eleven years ago, I started working as a management consultant after leaving the Air Force and finishing graduate school. Consultants are known to travel all the time, and my job was no exception. Spending many nights in hotels and early mornings at the airport made me understand the appeal of collecting points and gaining status for additional perks. Read more>>

Melissa Cline

As a child, I grew up traveling internationally and nationally and the byproduct of that was really seeing people’s stories from a unique perspective. At a very young age, I gravitated to unique rhythms, music, melodies, and poems as my outlet. Read more>>

Savannah Starr

My name is Savannah Starr and I’m the founder and owner of Haute Sugar Co. The idea came to me at 3am one morning when I couldn’t sleep, thinking of my everyday work routine becoming too familiar and not challenging nor fulfilling enough for my sassy, wanderlust self. Read more>>

Mira Reverente

I started training and running marathons as an adult. I joined a running club in Ventura and one day, the owner asked me for help because he was thinking of putting a local marathon together. Before that, I was already helping him out as a volunteer -putting the club newsletter together, helping him with some store marketing and some local, small races he was putting on every year. Read more>>

Alejandro Mateos Rodriguez

I was born and raised in Mexico City. During high school, my interest in photography and cinematography began. I used to cover some events of my school and take portraits of my friends. My interest in these visual arts kept growing and growing, so after I graduated I decided to move to Los Angeles and study photography. Read more>>

Becca Murray

I’ve pretty much always had a camera strapped around my neck. As a kid, I’d go away to summer camp for a week and return home with 7+ rolls of film to develop. In high school, I was our Drama Club historian and took serious pride in documenting our teenage shenanigans. Read more>>

Laura Furo

I went to college for Marketing/management. Worked as a retail store manager for years and the company went bankrupt. I decided at 29years old to go to cosmetology school. My first intention was to study skin and make up. After 2 days in school – I realized my real passion was hair. Read more>>

Lauren Lovett

We’ve all got a story. Mine begins with the love of telling other people’s stories. When I was 10 or 11 I found out about a local theater company show and wanted to audition. The part I wanted was the Irish maid, so I learned an Irish accent by imitating the Lucky Charms guy from the cereal commercial. Read more>>

Lucy Wood

I’m a 23 year old pop singer based out of Los Angeles. I originally began my journey as an artist at the age of 19 in New York playing shows at various venues, where I also recorded her first EP and wrote for other music artists. After opening for a benefit concert at The Hollywood Greek Theatre in 2015, I soon after moved out to Los Angeles to further my career. Read more>>

Robert Brill started because we saw an opportunity to give businesses access to the same tools, capabilities and expertise that are usually reserved for large advertisers with hundreds of millions of dollars to spend. In 2010 advertising took a turn towards mass automation with behavioral data and algorithms decisioning. Both create powerful ways to reach consumers. Read more>>

David Pu’u

David Pu’u is an internationally recognized Photographer, Cinematographer and Writer, with broad experience ranging from news and magazine editorial work, fashion and brand development, to television and feature film production. Read more>>

Chris Hunt

Hi-Power Cycles, LLC was founded in 2008 by brothers Chris and Derek Hunt. Since 2008, we have formed an incredible team made up of engineers, e-bike enthusiasts, top-tier mechanics, and professional bike athletes to push the limits of what our electric bikes can do. Read more>>

Samantha Turchin

As a kid, I was surrounded by magazines — my mom subscribed to nearly everything. I flipped through the pages month after month, always drawn to the striking photos. In high school and college, I pursued that interest by taking formal classes. Read more>>

Angie Gumuryan, Nelli Gumuryan

Glow Girl LA was started by my sister and I in hopes of getting men and women to stop exposing their skin to the sun without some kind of protection. Spray tanning is not a form of sun block but it gives you a faux tan to avoid sun exposer yet get the same results for a better cause. Read more>>

Zack Schuler

Zack started Cal Net out of his fraternity house in 1995 at the age of 21, starting as a one man consultant, traveling from home to home and business to business working with his clients. It wasn’t long before Zack got overwhelmingly busy, and started to hire people to help him with his business. Read more>>

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