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The Valley 03.27.2018

Matt Macedo

One of my earliest memories of my childhood is one where I’m 3 years old standing in front of the “Titanic” movie poster hanging outside of the Selma Cinema. I was amazed at such a spectacle of a film. Little did I know at the time, that from that moment on, I was catapulted towards something I would have no control over. Read more>>

Kristelle Monterrosa

I’m a multicultural performing artist and producer who strives for authentic expression in my creative endeavors. I’m currently directing, Dancing Souls a feature documentary about an injured dancer’s battle with depression, which leads to an unlikely and emotional journey across three continents, to save the dance she loves and… herself. Read more>>

Raffaela Capp

Born and raised in New York. It feels like I have been performing since I can remember. My roots are in theatre. Attended Sarah Lawrence college, and after I completed Cap 21’s Industry Practicum and Showcase made the move to LA in 2014. Read more>>

Mher Vahakn Ajamian

I first took up photography as an elective in high school. I thought it would be a good intro into filmmaking, which is what planned to study in college. But I fell in love with the magic of film and the alchemy of the darkroom.  I was hooked from then on. I ended up taking photography classes all throughout high school and even became photo editor of the newspaper and the yearbook. Read more>>

Amina Touray

I used to say that I “started” professionally as a photographer when I moved to Los Angeles seven years ago to pursue it as a career. But when I began to look back at a series of events throughout my life, I later realized that I started a lot earlier; I was prepared to do what I’m doing now from a young age. Read more>>

Marin Cachu, Dominique Cachu

Shortly after we married in 2012, we began to talk about what we would do for work if we could truly do what we enjoyed. For Marin, his dream was to work with animals and to be his own boss. He has always been a bit of an “Animal Whisperer” – not just with dogs & cats, but really with any furry, feathery, or scaly animal. Read more>>

Jorge Meza

I am an American Success story. I immigrated here at a very young age with my parents. They came here with very little, however they did give me an education. After college and some job experience, I became self-employed. My dad was an entrepreneur, so I grew up with that influence. Read more>>

Alan Watt

I began as a stand-up comic in Canada and moved to the U.S. where I began headlining comedy clubs and appeared on a number of cable standup comedy shows – also had a small role on Seinfeld. I wrote a novel, Diamond Dogs that became an L.A. Read more>>

Marianna Zvaigzne

Startup Vitamins is the brainchild of Lauris Liberts, Latvian-born entrepreneur, who, for many years, was known primarily as one of the co-founders of the so-called Latvia’s Facebook, Read more>>

Laura Tate

My professional background is in journalism, as the former editor and associate publisher of The Malibu Times Newspaper and Malibu Times Magazine, where I was responsible for the nuts and bolts of getting the weekly paper and bimonthly magazine published. Read more>>

Robin Stinson

It all started in the early 80″s with a black stallion named Shadow. A magnificent horse who I ended up owning as a total novice. His patience, strength, loyalty and trust taught me the same. He introduced me to my spiritual (not necessarily religious) self. Thus, a partnership with horses evolved. Read more>>

Alex Trampus

I started working on the shop in June of 2017 (launched in August) after I resigned from my marketing position at a well-known entertainment studio. I was in search of more balanced life. My spark of inspiration began while I was on maternity leave with my second child. Read more>>

Kunanont Kasemwatana

My original dream was to become a professional dancer, however my journey through life has now led me to a career in photography. Looking back however, I believe my desire to express myself and the beauty in life has always remained the same. Read more>>

Ben Bercovici

In high school I played football, that was the what I wanted most. I never was able to play in College but I played a year at a Jr. College in Pasadena. While I was in highschool, I also had a deep passion for shooting movies. I was never sure on how to do this but it is something I always loved doing even as a young child. Read more>>

Krissy Harb

Krissy (RYT-200) is an openhearted yogini who currently lives in Montrose, California. She is the owner and main teacher at Spiritual Heart Yoga Center in Montrose. She received her bachelor’s degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and earned her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in 2015. Read more>>

Maya Zellman

For chef, owner, and chief sweet officer, Maya Zellman, Brigadeiro is more than just dessert. Though a native Angelino, her whole life has been filled with trips to visit her Brazilian family and special memories made even sweeter by every bite of her Aunt Marli’s Brigadeiro. Read more>>

Puja Kiran

As a former Miss India & Having had a successful career in Modeling and Acting in India, My move to the US in 2005 was very tough both on my Personal life as well as my professional. As an artist I am a constant Creator & realized there was a huge gap between Hollywood & Bollywood & thus Opened my company GlowBellInc in 2009 to help bridge the Gap between the oldest and largest Film Industries in the world. Read more>>

Belinda Morris

Grew up in South Africa as a child during the inequality and strange, ugliness of the Apartheid regime, where everything was apparently fine but didn’t quite feel that way. Grew up as an adult living and working across 3 other continents and finally settling in Los Angeles in 2013. Read more>>

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