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The Valley 03.20.2018

Nancy McFarland

I turned my passion for preserving photos and family stories into a business 20 years ago during the infancy stage of the scrapbooking boom. I helped hundreds of clients turn their shoe boxes of printed photos into meaningful heirloom albums. When digital cameras took the place of film cameras, the computer became the virtual shoebox for most of my clients’ photo collections. Read more>>

Jackie “Miss Funk” Lopez-Foaad

My name is Jackie Lopez- Foaad and my artist/dancer name is Miss Funk! I describe myself as a LOVING, yet RESILIENT FULL FIGURED FIERCE LATINA!! I’m a first generation Latina ~ first generation in every way imaginable. My parents immigrated to Los Angeles from El Salvador. My mother was 8 months pregnant when she finally made it to the states. Read more>>

Zoe Green

I first started with a interest in eyebrows at the age of sixteen (2008). With naturally thick brows finding the right artist for me was a challenge. Slowly starting out, I would watch youtube videos on how to shape brows and at the time it wasn’t anything serious. Read more>>

Susie Cortez

For as long as I could remember, all I wanted to be was an artist. I think it picked up strength when I came to this country as a little girl, my drawings would keep me company and would not judge me in my appearance or my poor pronunciation of the language. Read more>>

Linda Schotz

I studied graphic design at UCLA, got married, helped my husband build his business. raised 3 amazing children until we became semi empty nesters. Then I found myself trying to figure out who I was before children and what am now? When my father, who was my umbilical cord passed away I felt a bit lost….that was 9 years ago. Read more>>

Rachel Myers, Janet Hirsch-ettenger

Janet and I started The Birth Co-op with the goal to bring families of all types together and to support them on their birth and parenting journey. We want Childbirth Education to be fun, accessible and to feel good. We want to teach in a way that leaves the birthing person and their partner feel like they are prepared to not only have a baby, but get through the post-partum period where attachment and security are of epic importance. Read more>>

Laney Schwartz

I went to college and got my degree in elementary education. I was a teacher for 6 years before I had kids of my own. During my last years of teaching I discovered these things called “food blogs”. I noticed that people were creating recipes, taking pictures of their food, posting it on a website and getting paid to do it all! Read more>>

Tom Kramer

I knew since grade school that I wanted to write and direct television. As a freshman film student at Loyola University in New Orleans, I got a job as production assistant for a Dick Clark TV special shot in New Orleans and the following fall left college to work on “Dick Clark’s Live Wednesday” variety show. Read more>>

Daniel McCollister

I am just a normal dude who was paying a landlord to live in a house in the valley. My reaso for living there was actually to have a practice space to play music in. For most of my 13 years in LA, I was a musician in a rock band. Anyway, after moving to this new house, just as a side hobby, I thought I would start a garden. I had no serious intentions with this at first, I just thought I might grow a little food. Read more>>

Tyler Taormina

I moved to LA about four years ago. I’ve been making albums and films ever since. It’s been a nice journey. The enjoyable parts have been in the making of projects. Once a production whether it be through music or film gains traction the rest is a bunch of fun even if stressful. One difficult thing is in pursuing art is having to find and maintain a balance in making a living, keeping a social life, et cetera. It’s a very delicate balance. Read more>>

Gabe Calvento

I had always had an interest in martial arts but never pursued anything physically besides my older brothers bringing me to a local weight lifting gym in Middle school. Finally in my Sophmore year of High school, I got my first job and used the money I earned to sign up for Boxing classes. Read more>>

Mark Hay

From an early age I was surrounded by a family of scientists and medical doctors. I shadowed my family and observed many aspects of medicine ranging from herbalism and natural medicine, to public health and hospital management, surgeries and medical treatments. Read more>>

Juliet Kaluzniacki

Planet Namaste was conceived as a result of real life challenges that changed the trajectory of my life. Seven years ago my daughter was diagnosed with anorexia. Through my research I discovered that yoga is a part of almost all recovery programs for mental health. I researched and participated in yoga. Read more>>

Deepti Gupta

My love and passion for eating, admiring and baking cakes started really early on. My mom tells me that I started baking and cooking at the age of 4 and just a mere mention of cakes or desserts lit up my face. It still does to date 🙂 While growing up, my family couldn’t afford a lot of luxuries (yes, oven was a luxury). Read more>>

Anna Reams

I started rehabilitating wild animals back in the 90’s and to be honest just fell into it, I have 2 beautiful kids and 3 grand kids and wasn’t what you would call a soccer mom but I was a PTA mom. My daughter found an injured duck and in looking for help quickly learned that there was no help for injured wild animals other than euthanasia. Read more>>

Lorraine Kushynski

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be a mixed media artists. In the 80’s I took a creative writing class and found with every essay I added photos and memorabilia. Soon the scrapbooking industry exploded and I decided to open a home based business making scrapbooks for clients and helping them be the keepers of their history. Read more>>

Sorenny Washington

It’s been a long road and for years I’ve dreamed of working for myself and finding that niche that I am passionate about it. It’s a slow process as you know life gets in the way. I came to the U.S. as a refugee escaping the civil war in Cambodia. Life was not as easy as I wished it to be, but somehow I survived. Read more>>

Angel Wallace

I was born and raised in Baltimore MD. Before moving to Los Angeles, I graduated with honors from Towson University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mass Communications and a Certification in Marketing. After graduating, I decided to pursue an acting career in New York, then went to Los Angeles. Read more>>

Pauline Clifford, David Meekin

Myself Pauline and my husband David moved to LA 3 years ago and we’re now entrusted to re-establish my father William Clifford’s antique business that he started in 1965 shipping antiques from Scotland to Los Angeles, adding a fresh touch to a long-standing institution by adding vintage, retro and midcentury items to the store. Read more>>

Lucy Rendler-Kaplan

My very first job out of undergrad was in marketing – I had always wanted to be a writer and was all set to move to a really small town and write for their local paper when a friend told me her job was hiring – it was for this new energy drink (Red Bull!) and they were hiring for more field marketing managers. Read more>>

Romain Drocourt

I’m a French native, Parisian to be specific, who was fortunate to get a great education and experience in prestigious pastry institutions in France. After working in the sweets field in Paris for five years, I decided to take advantage of my formative years to experience a new life abroad. Read more>>

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