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The Valley 03.06.2018

Pierre Johnson

I remember one summer in Las Vegas working with the athletes and one of the players threw his shoes in the trash. It was a little kid with his Dad steering at the trash and you could see that he was thinking about the shoes that were just thrown away. Read more>>

Anthea Ancalade

I was born in England, raised in Ghana and moved out here when I was 20 years old to live with family and pursue my passion for art. In college, I began as an art major, then switched to architecture and then made a final switch to Graphic Design. During this time I decided to learn HTML and I fell in love with it. Read more>>

Yasmin Soferi

My name is Yasmin Soferi. I am currently 11 years old and I started my path to success in elementary school. In my 3rd year of elementary school, I met up with Mrs. Yvonne Brooks. She is an author, a mentor, a life coach, and inspirational speaker. She helped me along with other kids to build our self- esteem. Read more>>

Jeremy Oliver-Ronceros

Sassoon-trained owner Robbie Wilson had launched a series of successful salons beginning with Southern California’s Teriobi in 1980, then Park Place Hair Design, Redondo Beach’s Talking Headz, 444 HAIR, on the 444 Hana Highway in Kahului, Hawaii, Kihei Hair in Kihei, and Upcountry Hair in Makawao. Read more>>

Hunter Seide

From the very beginning, fitness has been a tool for me to support the personal development of the people I love. When I was 13, my older sister struggled with an eating disorder. Her doctor recommended she begin working out and eating right to attain a sustainable body weight. Read more>>

Marya McFadden

I decided to become a family law attorney and mediator after going through my own second divorce, so that I could help other people get through a painful and difficult process with someone they could trust on their side. Read more>>

Kyle Rankin

I owe my entire film career to fantastic friends. In high school, my buddy Todd Holway owned the first video camera I’d ever seen… and we spent countless after-school hours shooting derivative comedy skits and fake commercials. Read more>>

Dustin Liggitt

It started as an outlet for art but evolved into a rebellion against lame ass wannabe rock scene once i went to a live show. It easiest things I have ever done because it felt natural. A clear vision with no compromising makes people get on or get out of the way. Read more>>

Clint Milby, Jake Fruia-Milby

Clint: Born with a passion for the film and television industry, I moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and worked for Warner Bros. Studios. I started as a Studio Tour guide, working my way into Creative Development for Warner Bros. Television. Due to a family tragedy, I had to relocate back to my home in Texas in 2004. Read more>>

David Ochoa, Samantha Ochoa

My wife and I were both Managers at Starbucks Coffee Company when I became interested in Craft Beer. I began homebrewing about six years ago and started looking into ways to become part of that community. I was president of The Yeastside Brewers Homebrew Club and got a job as a Beer buyer for a Craft Beer Bottle shop and Bar. Read more>>

Joshua Huddleston

I moved to Simi Valley away from his parents in 2011 due to being in an extremely abusive home environment. I registered for the Youth City Council out of desperation in finding a more positive environment. After writing an essay for the position I was chosen along with 20 other youth out of hundreds in the city for the 2012-2013 term. Read more>>

Dan Kanes

I was born in California, to two parents who had both been born and grew up in Los Angeles. My mother is a grade-school teacher, and my father is a custom automotive fabricator. My two greatest interests as a child were technology and imagery. I grew up teaching myself personal computers with the Apple II my parents had bought to do accounting and never ended up using. Read more>>

Michelle Balingit

Based in Los Angeles, Michelle Balingit also known as Sey Michelle is a photographer and digital marketer for lifestyle brands. When I was a young kid, my dad has taught me how to draw. I fell in love with art instantly. I experimented with sculpting, painting, you name it. On my 16th birthday my dad bought me my first DSLR which was a Nikon D3000. Read more>>

Stephanie Massman

My background is in the Entertainment Industry. I stated off working at a casting agency, then as a talent agent for a while. After that, I was the manager of Hollywood Way Studios. My role there was to interview aspiring actors and guide them in getting started in the right acting workshops as well as go over their headshots and help them pick out the best ones. Read more>>

Retha Felt-Clutter

My story begins in a very small area of northern Mexico where my parents were living when I was born. My father was an engineer and my mother graduated from Southern Methodist university in Dallas. After living in Dallas and Colorado, they made a decision to retire durning their mid life and move to a health and wellness”camp” called Rancho La Puerta, located near the small town of Tecate, Mexico. Read more>>

Ron Irwin

I moved from Chicago to Burbank in 1983 and not long after I began doing talk radio on KFOX 93.5 FM. As that continued I concurrently began developing a career in Public Relations which continues to this day. My clients are rough two third corporate and one third celebrity. Read more>>

Cyndy Bartelli

There were early indications that writing was in my future. If my parents had seen my stories being written between the pages of my middle school algebra book during classes, they’d have understood why it was necessary to hire a math tutor later. Read more>>

Limor Rubinstein

I have always had an enormous unexplainable hidden passion for baking and dessrt art. I think it represent a part of self in it. I usually baked for the family over the holidays, just like any other typical mom..never thought to turn my “hobby” and my passion for dessert art making into a business, I worked at a large real estate/investment firm for 9 years, managing a large front desk. Read more>>

Alton Butler

I grew up poor in Anniston, Alabama, a small town where I pursued a career in professional football. After a dream shattering injury, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. I had some success, but what I had most, was drive. On set, I began to see a real business opportunity in production rentals, so I started my own production rental company out of my garage in Studio City, renting production equipment to LA commercial shoots. Read more>>

Cynthia Alexander

I attended Baylor University and then transferred to Christopher Newport University in Virginia. After receiving my BS, I wanted to challenge myself further so I continued my education and received my Masters in Business Adminstration from the University of Maryland, Univeristy College. Read more>>

Nancy Sexton

The Muse Rooms was my idea and luckily it was supported by amazing husband, Tim. In August of 2015 it came to me and by November of 2015 we opened The Muse Rooms NOHO, here in The NOHO Arts District. At first it was just shared space and a boardroom and then we added a couple offices. Read more>>

Nancy Oristaglio

It really started almost 23 years ago on Valentine’s Day. I’d traveled out of town to see my sister. My husband Bob and I planned to go to dinner together when I got home. But Bob decided to go to the movies while he was waiting for me to arrive and sometime during “Legends of the Fall,” he had a massive heart attack and died. Read more>>


I’ve been drawn to animals since I was a toddler. I was volunteering in animal shelters the moment I was old enough, and I grew up with all sorts of personal animals as well (hamsters, hermit crabs, dogs, cats, a horse, etc.). I always felt I had a genuine connection with animals, and dogs specifically. Read more>>

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