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Trailblazer West LA 04.10.2018

Cindy Stirling|

I feel so blessed every day to be doing what I love and making my clients feel and look at their very best. My passion is production hair/makeup/grooming, photoshoots and weddings. The long crazy hours make me thrive and I enjoy the adrenaline rush. Plus, I get to travel the world for work and play while being able to give back. Read more>>

Pamela Sandler

Upon returning from a trip to India with a severe case of food poisoning, I became so fed up with the worsening symptoms that I decided to take control of my health through a journey of self-discovery and healing. After countless hours of reading and researching everything I could get my hands on, I eliminated sugar, caffeine, processed foods and alcohol from my diet, I started following a diet made up of heavy plant-based foods, healthy fats, smart carbs and good quality animal products. This dietary change led me to realize that the real answers to my digestive ailments lay in a food as medicine approach, and I found refuge in whole foods and holistic practices. Read more>>

Lorena Taboas

Motherhood also helped me rediscover my passion for writing. I’ve worked as a producer at Univision for 10 years, mostly covering empowerment topics such as education and health. And when I became pregnant I was given the opportunity to blog for Univision’s parenting site on the daily struggles and happenings of a new mom. Read more>>

Jacquie Aiche

I have always had a strong connection to crystals and precious stones. I started making jewelry out of my garage 11 years ago. At the time, everything in fine jewelry was so traditional and I wanted to make pieces that women have a more spiritual connection to. I was selling my pieces at my clothing store anonymously. When I saw how women responded to them, it was so inspiring, I closed my doors and started my line. Read more>>

Sarah Kathryn Chenault

I have been fascinated by the flora in this state and I was constantly collecting the woody objects that fell from the trees- the magnolia cones, pine cones, and jacaranda pods, for example. I thought this was a great opportunity to translate my decorative finishes skills to jewelry. Read more>>

Tiffany Craft

I fell into tifficraft due to my passion for both style and well-being. Initially, I created posts to share with my friends because they would often come to me for advice and kept asking me if I could write down my tips. Then, rather quickly the circle expanded and I realized that I really enjoyed sharing ideas on a daily basis. Read more>>

Jules Davis

I began to take psychic development classes and eventually took my first Reiki class. From my very first Reiki class, I knew this was something I was going to be involved with for a long time. Read more>>

Nour Jarrar

Social media is my passion. I have been working in social media my entire career. When I reached the position of Head of the Social Media Department in a leading advertising agency in Dubai, it was a no-brainer for me to start my own blog and benefit from my experience personally. Read more>>

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