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Trailblazer Downtown LA 04.10.2018

Nancie Duong

My blog has helped me to not feel so alone and has become therapeutic for me. I’m letting go of shame and things I once found to be embarrassing by allowing others to connect with me. Read more>>

Kendall Zundel

I was working full time as a clothing designer and wanted to find a way to use some textiles that I had collected through traveling and vintage shopping. I have always loved to sew so one day, I made a pattern and just started. Soon enough, my friends wanted to buy and then local stores. It just unfolded organically and the opportunities continue to amaze me. Read more>>

Andrea Rockwood

It wasn’t until 3 years after college that I decided to follow my creative fashion side. During this time, a friend asked me to run a fashion – D.I.Y page on his new website. I didn’t hesitate. I dove in and I was amazing. It was easy for me, it was exciting. Read more>>

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