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TB West LA 05.28.2018

Jeannie Assimos

I loved the entertainment business, and also liked to write and tell stories, so after graduating from SF State I ventured down to Los Angeles and got my first job as a production assistant at Entertainment Tonight. Read more>>

Lindsey Baruch

I’ve always had a passion for food and photography! As a kid in middle school, I used to have fashion photoshoots with my friends and always was the first one to post up a facebook album. Read more>>

Dawn Fantau

My passion for hair began in my early teens; and I took my younger brother hostage and gave him a fabulous feathered haircut which complimented his surfer lifestyle. Read more>>

Sarah Simms Hendrix, Matthew and Boo Simms

We are all a part of the hospitality community. It’s all we’ve ever known. It’s in our blood. Over the years we’ve worked in restaurants, helped open restaurants, consulted with culinary teams, trained teams, worked with small joints and big corporations – you name it. Read more>>

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