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TB West LA 05.21.2018

Bianca Monica

I realized at UrbanDaddy I loved working on social media. Eventually I decided that a full-time corporate job wasn’t the right fit for me, then started Limone Creative. Read more>>

Stephanie Cate

Drawing and painting has always been my passion. After exploring other possible careers I decided to commit to a creative life fully and attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. Read more>>

Dana Kempler, Esq.

As I continue on this journey in entertainment law, I am thankful for my varied experiences, which have shaped me into the strong, independent and confident woman I am today. Read more>>

gwen samuels

Looking back, my process “of seeing” developed from extensive travel and the desire to record places and objects with my camera. With my background in textile design I was drawn to settings where line, pattern and shape stood out not realizing I was creating a context for the work to come. Read more>>

Roxy Ghoraishy

Travis my fiance and i both come from a real estate back round, as we had no experience in the wellness industry besides the love of our spiritual practice, meditation, and being Reiki Masters. Read more>>

Kelly Helfman

Throughout college I worked a number of retail jobs to continue in the world I loved. After graduating from the University of Arizona in 2003, I started my own clothing line called KWEEN by Kelly Markiewicz (maiden name). Read more>>

Jay Alarcon

I grew up an artist and through that avenue of art I discovered the power of transformation through makeup artistry. Throughout my journey I have been fortunate enough to work amongst many incredible creative people. Read more>>

Marissa McDaniel

“I love clothes and I love helping people feel good about themselves. There is a reason you buy each piece in your closet, and that is because at one moment, you thought, ‘my life will be better with it, because I love it and can’t image going home without it.’ Read more>>

Jenika Kurtz Cuadra

I’ve always been interested in interior design, even as a kid before I knew it was a “thing.” I would move my room around every couple of months and ask for bedding and decorative stuff for birthdays and holidays. Read more>>

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