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TB West LA 04.23.2018

Caitlyn Chase

I first discovered my love for writing and creating imagery when I was about ten years old. My family traveled extensively all over the world and I would always write about my experiences and time spent traveling in journals. I also loved documenting my trips by taking hundreds of photos. Read more>>

Mascha Davis

As I began my journey of becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), I started on a path of discovery of what it means to be truly healthy and to help others. After completing my undergraduate studies in Nutritional Science & Dietetics, I went on to obtain my Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree at UCLA and to complete my accredited dietetic internship at the VA Hospital in Los Angeles. Read more>>

Kristen Terry

Greetings! I got started as a professional dancer in Alvin Ailey repertoire, as well as Afro Caribbean and Latin ballroom as a youth in the midwest and east coast. I then learned to become a guest teacher while a teen and learned music as a singer which eventually led me to music full time for many years as an entertainer. Read more>>

Kelly Privado

I started doing my own makeup when I was 13 years old and suddenly, I was doing my cousins makeup every time they went out. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do but I finally realized I wanted to be a makeup artist when a lady complimented me on my makeup and asked if I had ever considered being a makeup artist so from there I just looked for schools and decided to get certified as a makeup artist. Read more>>

Angelina Margo

I’m a personal trainer, natural pro bikini athlete and meal coach. I have an advance degree with published research in exercise and I love transforming lives and bodies. My clientele goals range from functional fitness, extreme weight-loss, bikini competition prep and posing, pre and post natal exercise, to rehabilitative exercise and senior fitness. Read more>>

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