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TB West LA 03.26.2018

Kristen Schellenberg

It all started with a pipe dream – I just wanted MORE. I was working in Ad Sales, searching to find a way out, hoping to stumble across some great passion that, at the time, I didn’t have. When people would ask about my passion, my answer would essentially be nothing. Read more>>

Brielle Galekovic

I formerly lived and worked in NYC doing PR. My friends and I were among the first to learn about the hottest places to brunch and because there was such a huge brunch scene in the city, it was all we looked forward to once the weekend came. It became a lifestyle – we’d go somewhere new and fabulous every single weekend. Read more>>

Anna von Urbans

While on a tour, a concert pianist – Anna von Urbans, has stumbled upon a little paper shop in Berlin. Rummaging around, clumsily she spillt her coffee on one of the paper rolls. Panicked, she was assured that there was no worries as no damage has been done, because the paper is washable and it will dry to its natural shape. Read more>>

Shana Meyerson

I grew up a very intense athlete. I played the Junior USTA tennis circuit in high school, later trained for the Race Across America (bike riding 100 miles a day) and worked out like a fiend (three hours a day) all through my 20’s. Read more>>

Nicole Doherty

Nicole Doherty is a Shamanic Empowerment Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master Healer, Ceremonialist, Sound Healer, Yoga Teacher Trainer and medicine woman living in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of the Shamanic Healing Arts Academy, an Evolutionary Online Shamanic Healing Arts Academy for Women to Be Empowered! Read more>>

Paija Hudson

Long before I became a makeup artist, I knew I was meant to be creative. As a child, being a creative was not an option because they feared that I would go through exactly what I encountered, but I will still fight. Becoming a makeup artist was never the plan but when people noticed my talent, I decided to be a student of the craft and dedicate hours to learning formulas, products and perfecting the craft. Read more>>

Tracey McGill

On Board came to fruition after years of frustration and reoccurring allergy attacks, I decided to take my skincare into my own hands. With many “mad scientist” weeks of trial and error and research up to my ears, I discovered that less is more and On Board emerged. Read more>>

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