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TB The Valley 05.28.2018

Wendoline Vargas

I wanted to show them what being a VAGA out in the streets actually looked like and what that meant. Unknowingly at the time, I was helping change the narrative for other women and what it meant to leave your comfort zone in pursuit of your dreams. Read more>>

Samantha Skelton

I’ve come to realize how rare that is with the industry that I’m in. Aside from running this blog, I’m also an actor and screenwriter. Read more>>

bri orozco

I’ve been doing hair for a little over 11 years but if i’m being honest, i didn’t start taking it seriously until about 5 years ago.The first few years i was pretty much jumping around from salon to salon trying to fit in and find out where i would flourish. Read more>>

Faheema Chaudhury

Art has always been apart of my life. My earliest epiphany of being able to draw was probably in the 4th grade when I drew some Peanuts characters for a class assignment and thought “Wow, that’s actually good.” Read more>>

Jacqueline Murillo

My interest in makeup started at a young age, I remember renting my first horror movie called “Hellraiser”. Now the main character called “Pinhead” his character had prosthetic nails all over his head, and that fascinated me! Who? How?  Read more>>

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