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TB The Valley 05.21.2018

Danny Sanchez

I was at a point in my life where change was in order. I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in a field that really captured my imagination. As I cast about, trying to take that next step, it hit me– ever since I was a child I loved gems. Read more>>

Megan Roy

As a kid who was afraid of the spotlight, I was always drawn to solitary creative activities, but growing up I didn’t know that building my own job around those things was an option. Read more>>

Kiara Artry

I use my blog as an escape from my reality. I aspire to become a full time blogger one day because it is my true passion. Read more>>

Nyeesha Williams

She’s a survivor of rape, molestation, drugs, homelessness and hopelessness who today is a thriving philanthropist, counselor, educator and founder of schools for female empowerment in Africa and Los Angeles. Read more>>

Vanessa Raschella-Decker

I started homeschooling my kids 10 years ago. My husband and I decided 4 years ago that we wanted to see what homeschooling through a charter school would look like. That is how we ended up with Gorman Learning Charter Network. Read more>>

Jana Bunge

My father was a hairdresser – so I’ve grown up in and around the beauty business! I’ve been a working professional in this industry since 1984. With a background in commercial, video and print work – Read more>>

Monica Hsu

I’ve always loved makeup, ever since I was little. My mom would get mad at me for playing around with her lipsticks, but I couldn’t stay away from it no matter what. It was so much fun! I am a self-taught makeup artist and makeup is my true passion. Read more>>

Lee Madison

I’ve loved everything about makeup. I started doing ballet at the age of three, and started doing my own theatre makeup at the age of twelve. When I was fifteen, I started assisting the ballet company’s makeup artist, helping her on weddings, proms and other theatre productions. Read more>>

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