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TB The Valley 04.23.2018

D’Ana Joi

For years, I felt that I would never find success unless I chose one thing to focus on and get really good at. However, when I chose one thing, I am neglecting so many other parts of myself. Feeling like I had to only focus on one of my many creative outlets had a paralyzing effect on me. Read more>>

Carla Victoria Flores

I began practicing makeup on my friends and cousins back in high school when I realized that’s what I wanted to do. Following high school, I started promoting myself and my work on social media platforms which lead to me freelancing. Read more>>

Terrionna Styles

On a leap of faith, I moved from Flint, Michigan (before the water crisis) to the big city of Los Angeles, CA. Originally, I came to study film and to create opportunities for myself. During my film studying years, I fell in love with the camera and in love with turning real beautiful things into imagery, and that is how makeup came into play as a passion of mine. Read more>>

Emma Schwimley

Fast forward to high school, I’d find myself in the bathroom trying out new makeup looks, different ways to style my hair and amp up my everyday look. I started offering free updos and styling for my friends for prom and homecoming and a lot of my friends started taking me up on it! I’ve always enjoyed making others feel beautiful inside and out. Read more>>

Ande Castaneda

I was lucky enough to be exposed to art early on with a family of artists. I think because of that, I’ve always loved beauty and photography. My Grammy was a big influence on me. She always had bright, colorful costume jewelry and makeup. She was one of my inspirations to go to beauty school. Read more>>

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