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TB The Valley 03.26.2018

Dana Kraft and Jennifer Smith

Jen and I had taught together as guest lecturers in numerous teacher trainings and we both had wonderful experiences in our own 200-hour teacher trainings. After hearing from students again and again, how when we came in to lecture, it was their favorite experience in the training, we decided to put our heads together to create our own teacher training program that encompassed both mine and Jen’s experience. Read more>>

Liza Siegal

I am a millennial mommy and a blogger (my blog is But first – my story: as many other wannabes, I came to LA to pursue career in film. I studied screenwriting and acting, wrote a few screenplays and worked as a screenplay analyst at a talent agency. Read more>>


I have always known that I would need to integrate traveling in my full-time job — I just never could have imagined that I would be ‘blogging’ for a living. I can pinpoint a few different events in my life that were undoubtedly the catalyst for the path that I’m on. Read more>>

Kate Eipl

I started off as a kid wanting to pursue my passion for art. I was convinced I would be an artist and live in California, despite what my older brother said. (I was born and raised in Chicago.) Over the years, my path was filled with twists but they were all necessary for me to grow into the person I am now. Read more>>

Marisa Reyes Trujillo

Having grown up in North East LA, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by the all the art and culture that this city has to offer. After years of working as a costumer and running through the streets of LA’s fashion district admiring all the fun prints, I decided to stop just admiring and start building. Read more>>

Nairie Aintablian

My journey started before I even considered makeup as a profession. I was definitely the artsy kid in my family. Drawing, painting, music, you name it. When I was in middle school a girl had shown me a picture of a “wound” she had created with glue stick and red food dye. Read more>>

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