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TB South LA 03.26.2018

Jazmyn Anderson

I started my lifestyle blog Daily Dose of Luxury 2 weeks before my 27th birthday; I was just engaged and was going through what felt like a mid life crisis. I have a background in events, 7 years, 4 internships, 1 certification and a degree to be exact and just knew, I was meant to be an event planner. Read more>>

Joyce Ivonne

My greatest passion in life is helping others. With my purpose in place, I became a certified yoga instructor, Reiki healer, culinary nutritionist and rain drop specialist. My goal with Divine Self Love® is to use my unique set of abilities to empower others to make self-love a practice in their everyday life. Read more>>

Michele Lewis

My journey unto makeup was very diverse… I started out as a Medical Tech, I joined the Air Force at age 28. Then, they made me an Administrative Clerk, lol! When I left the military 4 years later, I came to Los Angeles to visit a friend for a few weeks. Read more>>

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