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TB South Bay 4.30.2018

Jennifer Tipton

When I first became a mother I decided I wanted to stay home with our daughter. My husband is military and in and out often. So I thought the best thing for her was giving her stability in me. Yet, I still craved a creative outlet so I began blogging and shortly after Instagram became a pretty big social media outlet so I started that too. Read more>>

Alex Maltezos

My background is in comfort shoes. After 15 years owning and operating my family’s shoe store I wanted to branch out into fashion. With the support of my husband we opened our little family’s boutique. Our original location in Belmont Heights was a beautiful mix of art, fashion and comfortable (good looking) shoes. Read more>>.

Vanessa Broin

Since I was a teenager I always had a love for makeup. I remember the day my mom took me to a MAC masterclass… you watch the pro artists work on models, learn tips and then buy product. After that I was hooked! I would practice makeup on myself and friends, flash forward to today and I’ve been working as a professional makeup artist for about 15 years now. Read more>>

La Toya Bellamy

When I was 15 Intold myself one day I would own my own studio and 5 years ago God blessed me with a 500 sqft. I opened my studio and had one student the whole year and boy did I want to give up but God told me to keep going and 2 years ago we moved in to a 2500sqft space and have 100 students. Read more>>

Jeanne Fratello

I started out writing about healthy and fun foods for kids and families – which I still do – but I found myself getting increasingly attracted to anything wacky, bizarre, unique, and/or iconic. When I post about food or destinations on my Instagram, I try to imagine what I’d want a friend to tell me about – Read more>>

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