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TB Orange County 05.28.2018

Anne Manassero

The more that I’m at our farm the more potential I see for the space. While my husband and I both work really hard, we get energized by our surroundings. So, my advice…go for it! Read more>>

Brianna Macias

I had the opportunity to do makeup for a wedding and I instantly knew it was my calling. Creating a timeless look for a bride on one of the most cherished days in her life is such an honor and it’s one I hope to never take for granted. Read more>>

Cristina Abion

I had started a passion project. It was during this season in my life that I had gone through a “heart-to-heart” with myself, so to speak. I realized that I didn’t want a 9-5 running my life anymore. I wanted to do what I love and discover more about myself in the process. Read more>>

Maddy Washburn”

I never really planned to work in social media, especially when it was still so new. After landing a few jobs out of college, I quickly fell into the role of Social Media Manager since I was always the one who volunteered and it was still very new from a brand standpoint. Read more>>

Susie Lauri

I’ve been a hairstylist for over twenty five years—and in the last few years, doing makeup as well. This has been a fantastic career for me to spread my wings and explore. Read more>>

Stephanie Courtillier

It was only when I began focusing on my passions and strengths that I began to hone in on my true calling – and see tremendous results in my business. I created and tested systems, read and studied books from experts, networked constantly, and pushed myself outside of my own comfort zone. Read more>>

Anne Manassero

After a year or so of creating photography jewelry, I wanted to learn more about jewelry making and to create my own style and brand of jewelry. Read more>>

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