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TB Orange County 05.21.2018

Yen Tran

My career sprouted from doing minor hair and makeup for my family members for many years. It wasn’t until after I graduated with a BA Economics from UCI that I realize hair and makeup is my passion. Read more>>

Margie Hunter

The yoga helped to rewire my brain around the damaged parts to bring back balance. I regained full health and balance and began apprenticing under my yoga teacher/guru in order to teach others. Read more>>

Kelly Castillo

As I reflect on my first year as a principal, I am grateful for my own teachers, my colleagues, my friends, and most importantly, my husband- all of whom supported me along the way. Read more>>

Marni Hale

In today’s world of direct response marketing, brand awareness takes a back seat to data analysis. With over 15 years of experience, it was time for this brand marketer to put her calculator to work and really make a difference. Read more>>

Nicole Bourbon

My life was basketball. I breathed it. It was my escape. And with the blink of an eye, my future, as I had envisioned it, was gone. With staunchly Catholic parents, in no few words, I was told I was going to keep my child. Read more>>

Rhonda Moeller

As a scientist, when it came time to consider medicating my child, I knew that pharmaceuticals with their often scary and sometimes permanent side effects were not going to be an option. So I began to research biomedical options, and being in California… Read more>>

Kristina Coelho

I started my blog as a way to help others learn more about different makeup and beauty products. The more I blogged and found that others actually liked what I had to say, I started showing more of the fashion side. Read more>>

Baeleigh Rodriguez

Make-up is my first passion, but I wanted to be able to offer a complete look. Before all of this, I had never done any one’s hair or make-up. But I discovered my passion for making people feel beautiful, and I am forever grateful for the four years I was with the company. Read more>>

Melissa Navarrete

In 2007 I graduated beauty school with a huge passion for hair and makeup. Unfortunately during this time… my parents were also going through a nasty divorce… Read more>>

Claudia Khandelwal

Art is an expression of the reality and what it could be if we just put a bit of creativity to it, I have studied fine Arts most of my life and now am the Founder of Galante Beauty… Read more>>

Regeanie Corona

I now happily live a life of purpose, doing what I absolutely love every day, positively impacting the lives of others and hopefully making the world a little better for everyone. Read more>>

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