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TB Orange County 04.10.2018

Amanda Goodhue

I started A Good Hue, a beauty and personal style blog, in 2013 while working for a social media agency as a hobby and creative outlet to merge my love of beauty, style, writing and PR skills into a blog full of insider tips and ideas. I had been working in influencer outreach seeing amazing blogs everyday and thought ‘hey, I could do that!” Read more>>

Chloe May

I have always been told the phrase, “When you know, you know.” That is a phrase I have been living by my entire life. Ever since I was big enough to hold a camera, the art of visual storytelling has been my fascination. I was constantly creating when I was a kid, whether it be capturing photos to making videos to writing short stories. I even created my own talk show, “The Chloe May Show,” where I would report on local stories and highlights that I found interesting. Read more>>

Amber Henahan

I started my fashion blog a little over 2 years ago, mainly because I constantly had people asking me where I got my clothes. That is when I buckled down and decided it was time to share this information with the public in one location. So, AmberNicoleFashion.comwas born!  Read more>>

Minnelle Kouka

grew up in Metro Detroit and moved to OC three years ago for sunshine and a change of pace! I’ve always been interested in attending events and creating Instagram posts but didn’t blog/take Instagram seriously until April 2017. My motivation to start my account really began once I was fully situated in OC. Read more>>

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