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TB Hollywood 05.28.2018

Nancy Sevilla

I decided to start my blog in college – I was studying Animation and VFX at the time and though, surprisingly I did not pursue fashion, I always enjoyed dressing up to class and giving fashion advice to those around me. Read more>>

Rachel McCord

The joke (but reality) is that I went from trailer parks to red carpets. It’s been a LONG road…and it hasn’t always been easy. In fact, it’s been pretty hard. But my core belief is that you can’t cheat the hustle. I know I wasn’t the smartest or richest person in most rooms… Read more>>

Lauren Dair

I was on a show called ‘New Girl’ for a few years playing “Young Jess,” the younger version of Zooey Deschannel. In between filming and auditioning, I also started to really pursue music. Soon music took more time than acting and became a full-time gig. Read more>>

Michelle Terris

I picked my camera back up and started shooting fashion shoots with a friend and the work we created together made me hungry for more and ever since then I haven’t stopped shooting. I left my part-time job this year and am doing fashion photography full time. Read more>>

Kirsten Collins

I’m excited for whats to come. The wait is real but persistence is key in anything. Have grace on yourself to try again and again and again. Your time will come. Stay tuned for more excitement from ME! Read more>>

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