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TB Hollywood 04.23.2018

Chris Han

When she was little, she stayed at her mother’s studio for hours and she read and collected Vogue and other fashion magazines. Gradually she formed her own way to express herself by what she wore. She styled her friends and even did makeup and hair for them when she was in college – sharing her style with others was so fun. Read more>>

Serra Isik, Okan Isik

Each piece is carefully handpicked by us through piles of unique vintage/used clothing. After we find our gems, we return them to life by cleaning, repairing and modernizing. We’re recovering value and reducing waste with our eco-friendly approach. Every item we bring back to life reflects our aesthetic. Read more>>

Crista Llewellyn

I have always had a passion for makeup, ever since I was a kid. But, I got my start in special effects makeup in high school when I learned how to create cotton and latex wounds for the play ‘Bury the Dead.’ I fell in love and began to experiment and explore the world of special effects. Read more>>

Robin Banchik

I started making jewelry at 25 years old. I was given an opportunity later to attend a professional jewelry design class. I attended an art school and got my degree in Metal Arts. Read more>>

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