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South LA_11.12.16

Daniel Alvarez Ayala

I started as a photographer about 3 years ago when one of the creative directors I worked with as a designer suggested that learning photography would help me improve my skills. I got hold of a camera soon after that and started experimenting. I started taking photography classes at El Camino College which is where I was fell in love with film photography and darkroom printing. Nowadays, I work in both mediums as I try to push my skills further and learn as much as I can. Read More>>

Beverly Johnson

Back when I was in day care, I was inspired by one of the assistance named Ms. Now. She showed me what I was capable of artistically and I have been in love with Art ever since. I enjoy doing artwork and I love doing portraits, still lives and illustrations and went on to do some storyboards and character designs for feature films and shows. But till this day, I still don’t consider myself an artist, I just a lover of Art. Read More>>

Reanna Rae Martinez

It’s hard to say how I got where I am today. My story is not linear, there are a lot of nonsequiturs. I’ve tried a lot of things and something new is always inspiring me. But I’ve also realized you can’t do everything, at least not exceptionally well. And in evaluating the things that I enjoy the most and that I would like to strive to be exceptional at, I found my calling in photography. Read More>>

Erneset Wheeler

My journey as a photographer started as a kid with a 110 camera. I was the designated photographer at all family events and even took it to school when the opportunity presented itself. At one of the family events, one of my uncles gave me his Pentax SLR to shoot the family Christmas gathering and I instantly fell in love with it. But as time progressed and the teen years arrived I began focusing on sports rather than taking pictures. The pursuit of sports continued through the college years and then came my wife and family and paying the bills became the priority. Read More>>

Cynthia Morales

I was studying at Cal State Long Beach while working as a part-time bartender at an Italian restaurant for 6 years. Worked at an unpaid internship for Savings in OC magazine for 3 months to get something on my resume. There was a sales rep from a Landsberg packaging company who did business with my mom’s company. She inquired whether they had any design positions open so that I could apply. Read More>>

Briel Walls

When I first learned how to braid my Barbie’s hair around the age of 5, I thought it was so cool lol. I remember my older sister having a doll head and I wanted one too… Ever since then I’ve always been doing hair for fun. I always loved trying new things & not only with my hair but my siblings and friends as well. Joining the natural hair movement 3 years ago, I have found a new love in natural hair care. Read More>>

Timothy Clark

I have always had my eye on the details of life, I look at things differently. I discovered photography through modeling. I had a friend who was a photographer. He let me borrow a camera, and I fell in love with photography. The thought of being able to give people a small snippet of how I view life. I’ve always had this vision and taste for good quality photography. I can remember liking certain music videos, or seeing certain ads throughout my young life. When I got old enough I began to have favorite photographers and turns out they were behind most of the stuff I loved then. Read More>>

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