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South LA 8.7.2017

Anne Ganguzza, Voice Talent, Speaker and Coach

After over 20 years in the IT industry and as an educator, I took a huge leap of faith, and began building my voiceover business full time. I had reached my fullest potential within my job, and began needing to be challenged again within my career. I really enjoy the creative part of problem solving, and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Although scared, I knew it was time for a new adventure! As an early adopter of VOIP and distance learning technologies, I was responsible for voicing a multitude of IVR/On-Hold systems and e-learning narrations within many educational, governmental, and nonprofit agencies. These experiences opened the door to the voiceover industry, and I quickly fell in love with the process. Read more>>

Eva Sowinski

I grew up in the middle of nowhere Northern California. Being from a rural town, I taught myself to do cartooning and mixed media art, face painting, and from that I learned to be an entrepreneur. I moved to LA County when I was 18 years old, with barely anything, then worked part time for different jobs while beginning my face painting business, Lacy Ink. By 2009, I was able to leave my part time jobs, and work only as a face painter and caricature artist. Through working for myself I met fellow artists/crafters and opened a shop with a friend for 2 years, then moved on in 2015 to open my own brick and mortar, fan*alley and created the Ground Zero Animation EXPO. Read more>>

Asher Yeh, Benjamin Bao, and Chrysha Tiongson

We are a company founded in 2016 with the vision to create a platform that provides entry level employment opportunities for student artists, as well as to redefine creativity with a fun twist. SIP+COLR connects local artists to the community by creating events such as paint nights. The median income for painters in 2015 is $35,600, lower than most recent graduates from engineering or business majors. SIP+COLR provides a user-friendly medium for artists to host paint night sessions and start making money. The community can view the artist’s profile and review and pick the sessions/painting featured to attend. Read more>>

Larissa Bahr

I grew up with a camera in my hand. First, it was my mom’s old film cameras where I would take photos of everything from birthday parties for my siblings to the birds in my backyard. Then at age thirteen my parents bought me my first digital camera. It was a whole 2 megapixels, and it couldn’t print any bigger than a 3×5 without being pixelated, but I absolutely loved it! Throughout the next few years, my parents would surprise me with new digital cameras, each one a little better than the first one. At sixteen years old, I was contemplating what I wanted to pursue when I went to college. Read more>>

Mark Montegani

Pool Heaven Inc. started with two pool service guys that partnered into a pool service. My partner and I founded and started Pool Heaven while going to college. We started like most businesses with a few customers. My partner graduated with his college degree and moved on to a different career. I dropped out of college to go full throttle with Pool Heaven. I advertised in several local advertising outlets and worked on promoting Pool Heaven with referrals from current customers while working as a subcontractor for another pool and spa service and repair contractor. Once Pool Heaven grew to an adequate size, I was able to focus 100% on growing and building Pool Heaven. Read more>>

Ryan Blanchard

My family has always been involved in various forms of real estate development. My dad has been a developer his entire career, and his passion for real estate has rubbed off on all 4 of his sons. Most recently we specialized in residential land development. But when things collapsed nearly 10 years ago, me and two of my brothers were forced to look for something else to keep us busy until the market recovered. At that time, we were hearing from several folks about this “new” car wash model that was coming to Southern California and set to explode. I was somewhat familiar with this model when visiting my in-laws in Atlanta. Read more>>

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