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South LA 4.10.2017

Miriam Motaweh

It started when I was six. I had a blue toy camera with a Tweety Bird on it. I would take it with me everywhere and “take pictures.” Though it had no film, I knew I had a thing for photography. Read More>>

 Joi Madison

I’ve been an athlete my entire life so my love of sport, physical activity and movement in general is deeply rooted and a very big part of how I show up in the world. I’ve known since I was 13 years old that I wanted to have my own fitness facility so once I graduated from college with a degree in kinesiology/exercise science, I began work as a personal trainer with the intention of gatherihng resources and building relationships that would support my vision. Read More>>

Gabriel Beeler

I started my technical journey when I was 16, recording bands in my garage. I went to school for recording engineering and then worked in the audio / visual field. I moved to LA in 2006 to attend Grad school at Cal State Fullerton, and starting doing photography in 2010. Read More>>

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