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South LA 12.04.2017

 Sonia Tovar

I came from Peru at the age of 13 lived with mother, my two brothers and sister in a small studio in Lennox, an unincorporated area in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County. I went to Lennox Middle school and Hawthorne high school. Read more>>

James Fronk

Executive chef and founder, James Fronk started his restaurant career washing dishes at a local seafood restaurant in upstate New York at the age of 14. After tackling every position from prep cook to head chef, and server to General manager he decided to open his own spot and put everything he had learned to the test. Read more>>

Jully Peng

Growing up under my father’s strict, authoritarian guidelines, I used to think he is crazy (not of the norm). The way we live, eat, sit, sleep are all very controlled, to prevent injuries and diseases. For example (one of many), we do not own sofas or recliners in our household. His claim was that it eventually develops into spinal injuries. Read more>>

Leon Abravanel

Juggle the World is a nonprofit organization that uses the game of soccer to inspire academic achievement and healthy lifestyle. We manage an elite soccer club that competes in the highest level of youth soccer competition in Southern California. Read more>>

Rogelio Ramirez

Rogelio is an artist and craftsman, started his company back in 2001 and quickly built his resume with many top tier designers. His eye for detail and his ability to create impeccable finishes is what keeps clients coming back. Read more>>

Galia and Boris Gukaylo

We have Knitwear Doctor and Buttonham Palace business for over 30 years. Back in 80th we had wholesale company for making hand knitted sweaters selling them to department stores and small boutiques stores. Read more>>

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