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South LA 05.29.2018

Kenisha Edwards

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles my passion about education and youth empowerment in underserved communities. I was raised in a single parent family and watched my mother struggle and work hard to pay bills for many years until she landed a job with U.S. Postal Service. Read more>>

Lauren Taylor

Before moving to LA (just made my 3 year anniversary), I lived in NYC for 6 years where I fell in love with fashion. I originally worked at an advertising agency and would fashion blog on the side so I was able to attend NY fashion week for several years and be more immersed in fashion. Read more>>

Ana Maria Alvarez

I started dancing at the age of 5 – my family moved all over, mainly the south east United States. Both of my parents were involved in the labor movement and my fathers job as an organizer had us moving frequently – I was the perpetual new kid -but dance was always my consistency, I studied in various studios, community centers and after school programs. Read more>>

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