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South LA 05.15.2018

Juliette Simpkins, Trevor Moisen

Juliette was a therapist at a mental hospital and was having difficulty separating herself from her work. Seeing people at the worst parts in their life can really get to you. Life is short, so we decided to do something that would make us happy. Read more>>

Niehla Ollie

I’ve always had an obsession for transformations. I mean, as a kid heading to school on public transportation on the south side of Chicago, I was giving people “make-overs” in my head. I guess, I have a flair for envisioning people at their best. This is my “Super Power”. Read more>>

Evita Chu

PDR Knitting was started because of accidents: I had 2 car accidents back to back in a month that prompted me to quit my job, and while I was rehabbing at home, accidentally a friend of mine asked if I could knit him some sweaters. Read more>>

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