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South LA 04.17.2018

Charles Carter

My community got together and started this nonprofit in order to help eradicate the gang violence that plagues our community.The members of our nonprofit are ex-gang members that we all were apart of Hoover Crip gang a notorious gang that covered miles south and north of Hoover street. Read more>>

Jahlani McCrumby-Holloway

When we are not all together. That is how I started out. I followed my friends to the chapter meeting at my school because I was vaguely interested in social justice. The more meetings I went to the more involved I wanted to become. One meeting a student told us about the larger meetings that take place for all the students and people in students deserve come together to strategize and organize as one unit. Read more>>

Brittney Calhoun

Growing up, i was fortunate to have a grandmother who was all things fabulous. She taught me to sew at a very young age. I remember making outfits for my cats out of my church socks with the ruffles around the ankles and getting in trouble because those were my good socks. Read more>>

Jen Sosa

I am born and raised in NYC and moved in LA 4 years ago. I went to College for Graphic Design and while I took a few Photography classes as a part of my major, I had decided it wasn’t for me. 2 years into my first job as a graphic design assistant, I got laid off and applied to go to grad school once again for Graphic design. Read more>>

Claudius Ansah

My interest in Film and Music stems from my childhood. Music was always present in my household; my father had a vast collection of records that ranged from Reggae to Disco to Hiplife that he played regularly. I grew accustomed to these sounds being present around me which turned me into a music enthusiast. Read more>>

Alexandra Rodriguez

My passion for photography started when I went on a high school led trip to Spain. My dad bought me my first film camera so I could document my adventures. I was hooked immediately and as I pursued the hobby, it turned into a profession years later. Read more>>

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