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South LA 03.27.2018

Jermelle Henderson

Right after my daughter was born I bought my first taco cart. Before you had the taco cart how did you decide to do the Taco Cart? It took me a year and a half to two before I finally decided to start it. I actually was thinking about doing funnel cakes. Read more>>

Alex Duckworth

I fell in love with movies as a kid. My mother took me to see Jurassic Park, and I was hooked. She would take my siblings and me to the movies almost every weekend, and I would escape my surroundings through my imaginations. By the time I picked up a camera in College, I knew I wanted to use it to tell stories. Read more>>

Lawrence Hobbs

Brent-Wood Products was founded in 1963, oringally the principals wanted to restore and refurbish commercial and residential real estate in the greater Los Angeles area. After 1 year the principals split up and the Brent-Wood group went on to begin manufacture of home furniture products. Read more>>

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