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South LA 01.08.2018

Steve Martinez

I’ve been drawing pretty much my entire life. At a very young age of seven, my older brother introduced me to Hip Hop culture. My brother nine years older was a B-Boy back when we lived in South Gate in the early 80’s. One of his close friends was a graff artist and this kid taught me how to do bubble letters.  Read more>>

Megan Bolton, Jonathan Bolton

When Jonathan and I started dating, he didn’t even like dogs. After a few months I said “with the girl comes the dog” and you need to love my dog like me, or I’m moving on. Well, he got that quickly, and started to love on Stone, our 14 yr old English Lab, and they soon become fast friends. Read more>>

Claudia Muehlenweg

From an early age I had trouble seeing well and using my eyes together; my right eye kept turning in. The decision was made for me to get glasses before I even turned three. And even though they helped me see better, they created a lot of pain, especially once I started school. Read more>>

Sophie Kells

The Center for European Studies at Maastricht University prides itself on providing the best possible European study abroad experiences inside and outside the classroom. For more than 25 years CES has been organising comprehensive, English language study abroad programmes for international students. Read more>>

Chris Baccus

Mr. Baccus started his career with a strong education at Westchester High School and transitioned to the University of Southern California and Marshall School of Business where he completed the entrepreneur program his senior year. Read more>>

Todd Forman

Todd Forman (aka Dr. Todd) was on tour with Sublime with Rome on a tour bus watching Disney’s Princess and the Frog with Bud Gaugh. He turned to Bud and said, “Wouldn’t it be great to create killer music geared towards families? Something our kids could dig now rather than later?” Read more>>

Aaron (KILLAHRONH) Lucas

To be brief, I started as a fan of the popular 90’s golden era Hip Hop artists, listening to the greats in the mid to late 90’s. During this time my brother Sneek Rothstein was establishing himself as an MC (Emcee). He put me on 1 song, got me in the studio, and put me on stage in 1999. Read more>>

Michael Levin

Lacrosse was a big part of my life growing up in Upstate New York and I had an incredible experience playing lacrosse and going to school at Brown University. After school, I was fortunate enough to play in Major League Lacrosse for 7 seasons while simultaneously pursuing my career as an educator. Read more>>

Arjuna O’Neal

Arjuna O’Neal was born and raised on the east side of Detroit, Michigan with two siblings and just his mother to care for them. His surroundings were governed by violence, drugs and gangs, which negatively influenced his perspective on life. Read more>>

Catarah Coleman, Shoneji Robison

It all started with a craving, I was fairly new to Los Angeles and getting back for the holidays in Florida was too expensive. When it became too difficult to find my favorite southern desserts I started to call back home for recipes. One of my favorites was banana pudding and I would take it to events at church and with friends. Soon after I begin to receive special requests for my famous banana pudding. Read more>>

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