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South Bay_11.05.16

Tiare Rush

I have always been artistic. I grew up in Hawaii daydreaming of one day moving to the “mainland” as we call it. Back then I expressed myself through sketching and poetry which I carried all the way through moving here to California in 2005. In 2006 I moved to Las Vegas to take a job opportunity, and it was here that my medium shifted from words on a page to images on a screen. Read More>>

Remy Haynes

I got my Commercial Photography degree at the Art Institute of Seattle after a long time love affair with my Pentax K1000 and never looked back. I was fortunate enough to graduate right when the internet was becoming popular and companies everywhere needed images shot for this new thing called, ‘the web.’ Read More>>

Katja Müller

I was born in Mexico City, Mexico on October 12th, 1989. Growing up, I found a deep appreciation for visual arts. I got my first camera when I was 10. It was a 35mm Canon that my father owned in his late teenage years. When I was fourteen, I moved to Los Angeles with my family. Read More>>

Daren Cornell

So I started my photography career a little later than most. I was an athlete my entire life and played professional baseball out of college for a few years. After an injury cut that dream short, I worked as a set painter in the Motion Picture industry for almost a decade. It was great work but not fulfilling in a creative way.  Read More>>

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