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Katie Brill

I’ve always been intrigued by photographs. Always taking pictures, with any camera in my hands. It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I really considered photography as a career. I went to Hallmark Institute of Photography, in Turners Falls, MA and graduated in June 2013. Read More>>

Ashley Marie

I used to model when I was younger. At age 19, I got back into it and joined Model Mayhem to collaborate with photographers and build my portfolio. I met with several great artists, made friends with other aspiring models, and overall enjoyed the experience of networking. I eventually met a photographer/model that made her job seem like the best thing in the world. She was so enthusiastic, inspiring, and beautiful. Read More>>

Anthony Dias

I am a Southern California native. I grew up with a large family who has always been very supportive of my photography path. I started taking pictures early on but also had a huge passion for cars, especially classic car restoration. I decided to pursue photography as a career after I took an amazing intro to photography course at Chaffey College with Amy Caterina. Read More>>

Kate Wirth-Lewis

I always loved photography growing up, it was a fun hobby. However, I went to business school and ended up working in the medical field. After working a few years and becoming pretty unhappy, I realized I needed a change. I fell in love with weddings while planning my own in 2012 and I was addicted to wedding blogs. Obsessed with the gorgeous images and beautiful details, I spent all of my spare time reading stories of brides and grooms and admiring the work of all these successful photographers until, one day, I decided I was going to become a wedding photographer. I started Katie Jane Photography, quit my job and haven’t looked back since. Read More>>



















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