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South Bay 9.18.2017

Phil Ambrose

I have been an emergency first responder for several years, with most of those years in hazardous materials response. I am currently a Paramedic Fire Captain in the Los Angeles area. As an instructor, I was not happy with the ineffective ways in which we were teaching very dangerous subjects. Read more>>

Howard Rich

Saturday Night Bath Concert Fund is a seven-musician professional ensemble, with a nine-person Board of Directors. We are dedicated to writing and performing original and traditional American Jazz and Blues music to educate at-risk youth. On average, we give two-dozen interactive concerts and clinics a year, with a focus on continuation schools and youth detention facilities. Read more>>

Paul Hextall

Cat Eye Productions was born in 2006 while I was still studying at Palos Verdes High School, it started with a burning passion to take my video production skills into a professional environment. Even though I was very young I treated it with all the formalities you’d find in a typical business. Read more>>

Sue Rudolph

I lost my job as a software engineer in 1994 and a travel agent that I know asked me if I wanted to work as an outside sales agent selling travel so I decided to do it temporarily until I found an engineering job. After being in the corporate world I found I really liked working for myself. Read more>>

Ryback Anguitay

Growing up as child, I’ve always hat artistic talent, we grew up in the country of Philippines were electronics wasn’t a big thing. Instead of watching television we read comic books sent by out relatives in the United States and when we finished reading it we would redraw out favorite character such as Batman and Spiderman. Read more>>

Linda Shannon

I waited a very long time to be blessed with a child. The process of motherhood was transformational: by traveling through it, I was able to rediscover what I had left behind in my youth: the inherent magic in life. The wonders of childhood and the endless possibilities of life, were reawakened in me. Read more>>

Alondra Ramirez

I’ve always loved makeup… I was always doing my friends makeup when we’d go out. Eventually, I felt that life is not only about making money, but making money doing something you enjoy! I started investing into buying makeup foundations in different tones and eyeshades palettes to create different designs. Read more>>

Mickey and Paul Mance

In 1953, Mickey’s Deli started as a market with limited menu items. As most locals know, Michael Angelo “Mickey” Mance is the man behind the successful deli, a positive individual who always had a smile on his face, sparked up conversation, and showed his generosity in many forms, such as selling a Sauce Sandwich for five cents. Read more>>

Tony Estrada

After I graduated from University of Michigan, I taught film, photography, and sophomore English Literature and Grammar at the high school I attended. During my time teaching, I developed my first short film, Martha Cook, and looked for my first “foot in the door” into Hollywood. Read more>>

Helen Irlen and Sandra Tosta

Working as a school psychologist, I became aware that many children were slipping through the cracks, not being identified with a problem or not being helped with special services and accommodations. It became evident that all of the present assessment tools were not asking all the needed questions. Read more>>

Katherine Smith

In Your Korner is the brainchild of Katherine Smith, a seasoned business professional; Professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills; And certified professional coach through the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. After a 17 year stretch at the Boeing Company helping to build internal strategies and increase efficiency within the company, she began applying her own formulas for success to students, professionals, and business organizations. Read more>>

Yann Fard and Aaron Anvaripour

For over twenty-five years Redondo Mortgage Center (RMC) has handled billions of dollars in real estate loans in Southern California. Since 1989, its in-depth knowledge and resources have maintained its preferred broker status with real estate agents, builders and other professionals in the community. Read more>>

LaJuannah Hills

While working as a Child Protective Services Social Worker, I tailored my passion for helping others and expanded those passions when I was forced to embrace the impact of how Prostate Cancer effected my Father’s family, Him being one of nine male children diagnosed the disease, I became heavily involved with coordinating fundraisers to help Prostate Cancer patients pay for treatment that was not covered through their insurance. Read more>>

Jeff & Angelina Smith

When we searched the world for the finest artisan chocolate, that was also slavery free and organic, to provide to our OpuLux celebrity, corporate and highly selective clients who demand only the absolute best, we could not find any such chocolates. Read more>>

Nadine Messier

I started my professional Graphic Design career in the magazine publishing industry in NYC in 1990, where I lived and worked for 10 years. I ran around to all of the funky shops in East Village, went out clubbing at the Palladium, Limelight, the Roxy, and Webster Hall ’til 2AM. Read more>>

Jack Mierop

After ten years as an educator at the university level, teaching Human Communication Studies (Interpersonal Communication mostly), many of my students benefited from the lessons and the message of understanding themselves and their relationships, I decided to reach a broader audience with the information of personal understanding and personal peace. Read more>>

Marla Stone

After 17 years of a career as a Social Worker and Therapist, I-Deal-Lifestyle’s Founder Marla Stone decided to parlay her experience with helping people in need, and knowledge of the human psyche into a career in professional Organizing and life coaching. Read more>>

Jenny Kropp

My husband and I bought and sold houses for years for profit. Every time realtors would comment on the staging which at that point was just me getting my house ready to sell. Back then I had never even heard of staging a home to sell. As years went on I got the idea that I should get into that and when timing was right I started my company. Read more>>

Pilar Ruiz and Tommy Tnez

The idea originated back East where Tommy was born and raised. He grew up wearing scented oils. After he moved to California he couldn’t find scented oils he was he was used to wearing. His family or friends would send him fragrances he was looking for. Read more>>

Caitlyne Lewis

When I was 19, I was the classic college kid; taking more than a full load of classes, working an almost full-time job, and just completely out of shape. My boyfriend, Josh, kept telling me how Monday and Wednesday nights he would go to this Martial Art class to work out and have fun. Read more>>

Raymond Morquecho and Reggie Chavez

Reggie and I worked together at a restaurant in La Mirada. I was the Bar Manager and Reggie bartended at night while doing surf lessons during the day. We became fast friends and as we worked together it became clear that we really were not doing what we wanted to be doing. Read more>>

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