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South Bay 7.3.2017


Kristine Ko Creative Studio started in 2011 when I finally overcame my fears and decided to pursue my passion of photography. My love of photography started when I was in high school and became a passion while I was at CSU Fullerton. When it came down to choosing a career path I decided to go the commercial route and chose packaging design. Read More>>

John Flavia

John Flavia started off in the garment industry at age 23 while working at Sangria restaurant on Hermosa pier. He started a clothing line called Integrity Board Sports in an effort to remain true to his surf and skate roots while at the same time promoting a positive image for the industry which at the time was plagued with trashy brands. He Had the Brand for 5 years and sold to over 60 account all over Ca. Read More>>

Robert Lebsack and Kimberly F. Davis

We were both studying different disciplines of Art at Cal State Long Beach and independently wanted to improve our photography skills. We met in photo class just before Kimberly graduated and began working full time as an Assistant Art Director. Once Robert graduated he went to work full time as a studio artist at an Interior Design Firm.  Read More>>

Nathan Worden

Back in 2008, I decided to follow my passion and take a photo every day of the year. I did it to get better at documenting important moments in my life and the lives of people I cared about. Initially I allowed the project to just be about the enjoyment of documenting fun and joyous moments in life. Read More>>

Joan Zodianz

I started my small business April 15, 2016. I have always had a passion for visual messages, writing, astrology and tarot. I have been practicing this art for nearly 16 years. It took me a while to get Zodianz started because I was unsure how successful I would become, but I’m so glad that I took that chance. Read More>>

Tina Aldatz

Tina Aldatz is a self-made millionaire with a 10th grade education and shares her personal tragedy, turned destiny in her book, From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange. Growing up in a volatile home, then severely burning her feet on buried hot coals at the beach, Tina later created Foot Petals, a line of designer insole cushions for high heels. Foot Petals became a multi-million-dollar company recognized by Inc. 500 as one of the “500 fastest growing companies in America.” Read More>>

Theodore Petroff

I was born and raised in Bulgaria during difficult times under a Communist regime. I remember how as a 7-year-old boy, I asked my parents if I could take music lessons. They decided to sign me up for classical guitar lessons without even realizing what a profound impact that would make later on my life. As a classically trained guitarist, in my teenage years I decided to also learn how to play the piano which turned up to be a very good decision. Read More>>

Dan King

I was playing bass in my band several years ago. I procured the sound system including speakers, mics, cables, mixers and amplifiers for the band and maintained them in good order. It was a great sounding system and flexible depending on the size of the venue. Read More>>


Seventeen years ago when I moved to the US, I developed acne vulgaris due to the hot California weather and stress of migrating. This was truly a frustrating experience. I’ve tried countless acne prevention products but none of them helped clear my skin. I was so desperate that I decided to take an aesthetician course to hopefully cure myself of severe acne and scars. Read More>>

Valerie Ocampo

Anyone that knows me would describe me as creative and artistic. Growing up I was fascinated with Art and Movies, the “behind the scenes” aspect was what intrigued me the most, it was a world I knew I wanted to be a part of. Watching these talented artists elevate and completely transform a person into any character was pure magic. Read More>>

Jack Nunn

My father, John Nunn, is an Olympian who won the bronze medal in Rowing in 1968, at the Mexico City Olympic Games, and he was the U.S. Olympic Men’s team rowing coach in 1976, Montreal Olympic Games. He got us all interested in sports growing up. I have four older sisters, and he coached all of our teams: soccer, baseball, softball and ice hockey. Read More>>

Mia Valenzuela

I have had a love for food & beverage and hospitality since I was 17 years old (nearly half my life)! And from a young age, I knew I had a heart for people. From the age of 5, feeding the local homeless, forcing my mom to give a ride to an elderly person who had fallen and couldn’t get up (those commercials are the real deal folks!) and who was bleeding all over. Read More>>

Katie Bickerstaff

I had my first photography class my freshman year of high school in a black and white film class. I was an outgoing and athletic kid, and I loved connecting with people. Photography quickly became something I excelled at, particularly portraiture, because it gave me the ability to showcase the love I had for my friends and family through my eyes. Read More>>

Justin Kim

I consider myself lucky that I have been able to pursue my passion for photography and wedding photography for the last 19 years. My day to day job allowed to financially start up my business, JustinKimPhoto, 11 months ago. As with most any small business startup, I had some bumps along the way. I had zero experience running a business so as excited as I was to have a business doing what I loved, I had to learn some hard lessons along the way. Read More>>

Sam Clifton Jr.

I started Clifton’s Photography over 15 years ago, A couple at my church were renewing their vows of 25 years of marriage, and ask me if I could take the pictures for them? I told them I wasn’t a professional at it but they didn’t mind. When the wedding ceremony was over they gave me $150.00 without even viewing the pictures. I was like wow!!! Read More>>

Nicci Walls

I’ve been a cosmetologist for over twenty years. Helping women recognize that special part of what makes them “pretty,” both on the inside and the outside, has always been my goal. It’s what drives me to keep doing what I do. Read More>>

Melissa Almquist

My husband and I purchased this waterbike rental location from my father in January 2017. Since, we’ve made quite a few exciting changes, including changing the name from Long Beach Hydrobikes to Long Beach Waterbikes. My husband, Mike. and I have always loved the ocean so this business is the perfect fit for us. Read More>>

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